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Internationalism - Work in India and establishment of GurgaonWorkersNews

This article is part of a wider 'internationalism series', produced by comrades from the 'Let's get rooted' network:

A response to the CWO review of 'Class Power on Zero-Hours'

A response to the Organizing.Work review of ‘Class Power on Zero-Hours’

New UK initiative - Founding conference

Fever: Class struggle under pandemic

Multi-lingual blog by various collectives around the globe about workers' struggle against the Covid-19 regime. Follow and contribute...

Reflections on ‘uneven and combined development’ and ‘class composition’

First part in a series of texts on 'revolutionary working class strategy' for the 21st century

The Covid-19 regime and the working class: potentials for unification versus new divisions

In early-April we wrote a political summary of some of the global working class struggles under the Covid-19 regime. [1] We want to reiterate that ultimately it will depend on these struggles as to whether the current crisis will result in deeper divisions within the global working class or lead towards unification.

Global struggles under the Covid-19 regime

Corona crisis: Can workers avoid the job vs. health trap?

The Corona crisis - A letter from China

Covid-19 struggles and workers' control

Empty supermarkets: The food supply-chain from a workers’ perspective

Everyone is complaining about empty supermarket shelves. Lots of people are now asking themselves how they get filled in the first place.

Thoughts on the Corona regime

Corona has taken over. Despite the fear and panic (or even denial) that has taken hold, one thing is for sure: the cracks of the system are emerging for all to see.

Class Power on Zero-Hours - Introduction

Introduction to our upcoming book. Our book tour is messed up by the virus - so please circulate online and order the book for your time of self-isolation:

Short report from the UK - Part two

Comrades from abroad asked us for a brief report about the post-election situation here in the UK.

'Class Power on Zero-Hours' - an AngryWorkersBook

A short report from the UK

We wrote this short report about the elections and their aftermath for comrades abroad...