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Sir, there's a mouse in my soup!

Mouse Soup

On 3rd of January workers at Lin Electronics Factory in Dongguan, Guangdong, started strike action after finding a dead mouse in their soup, served at a New Year's celebration banquet.

A short review of Chinese community and workplace struggles in 2011

Wukan residents protest against land grabs

This is my first post, hopefully the first of many. I will be blogging a lot about China and Hong Kong, so this should give an idea of what's to come. I just want to do a short review of what has been happening in China in 2011 from labour and community resistance point of view. Obviously, the story of what happened in the village of Wukan is the stand out story of the year but it's not the only thing to happen.

Isolated activism


Like the vast majority of anarchists, I've never lived anywhere that is a hotbed of activism really but at the moment I'm more isolated from political activism than I have ever been. I live in a country that is more authoritarian than most and I speak very little of the native language, so it's hard to be as politically active as I would like. So for both my own personal use and as a guide to others here are suggestions for what you can do as an isolated anarchist. I've split it into four short (often overlapping) sections; Your Local Area, Travelling Further Afield, The Internet and Your Skills.