Day of anti-CPE action called for 4 April

A day of action against the CPE and the loi sur l'egalite des chances of which it is a part has been called for next Tuesday 4 April.

68 French universities on strike

A list of universities on strike and/or occupied against the CPE, and a list of the largest demonstrations and sizes in towns across the country.

Flower power, or sowing the seeds of revolt

A report from a high school occupation against the CPE in the South of France, where occupiers have been having fun, and gardening!

CNT-F: 3 million reasons to continue the struggle

A translation of a communique issued by the CNT, a French anarcho-syndicalist union, about the on-going struggle against the CPE.

Spontaneous demonstration by French school children

Students from three Lycees in Nantes (Guist'hau, Vial and Jules Verne) decided to carry out a collective action today.

1 April: Latest CPE protest news

Caen motorway blockade

Updates from the CPE struggle in France, including a motorway blockade in Caen, demonstrations in Paris, new photos and more.

Five days in Rennes

A report from one of our Paris correspondents, who spent the past five days in Rennes and took part in some of the anti-CPE protests there.

Report from demonstrations in Bordeaux

An eyewitness account from Bordeaux, where our correspondent Jay Taylor saw spontaneous marches through the streets after Chirac's speech last night.

Latest on Cyril Ferez

Cyril Ferez was injured by police on Saturday 18th of March at a demonstration against CPE in Paris. He remains in a coma.

Chirac CPE speech in full

Chirac delivering his CPE speech

libcom.org presents a translation of President Jacques Chirac's CPE speech in full.