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A nation of scroungers?

Following up on the Tories' campaign promise to "cut benefits for those who won't work", the government has unveiled a raft of measures to target "benefit cheats", alongside swingeing cuts to welfare. If we're to believe ministers and most of the press, increasing numbers of scroungers who won't work and expect to live on benefits are one of the reasons for the black hole in the nation's finances.

A glimpse into the future of outsourced Britain - expensive, inefficient and on its way

Last month the government's spending watchdog, the Public Accounts Committee, published its report on the Pathways to Work Scheme. The programme, brought in at a cost of over £760 million four years ago, was part of the then government's attempt to target 'welfare cheats' and shift claimants off incapacity benfit and into work.

Report back from the Right to Work conference

Last Saturday saw the second Right to Work conference take place in Manchester City Centre. Held across two venues; the Methodist Central Hall on Oldham street and the historic Mechanics Institute, it was billed by its organisers as “a conference of resistance and solidarity” in the face of the economic crisis.

Music of 2009

Ben Goldacre debunks media claims about the Public Sector "gravy train"

Some of you may have noticed a pair of stories in the Sunday Times and the Telegraph respectively claiming that "public sector pay is racing ahead in the recession".

Best music of 2008

A selection of some of my favourite music from 2008, and where to find it if you are so inclined.

Anarchist Federation on Obama

Below is a collectively produced statement on the election of Barack Obama by Manchester AF.

A more equal society?

Sex, work, and Gilles Dauvé

Django's thoughts on Gilles Dauvé's For a world without moral order.

The death of the "Israel lobby?"

Will the news that the US vetoed Israeli plans to strike Iran's nuclear infrastructure put to bed the myth of the "Israel lobby"? I'd like to think so, but I doubt the comfort provided to some by such a view of the world will cease its appeal.