Donate to help translate radical texts into Chinese

Chinese workers on strike has launched a crowdfunding campaign to raise money to translate key texts to assist radical workers in China organising on the ground, so please donate and share this appeal!

Radical workers in China are seeking out texts about working class struggles in other parts of the world. So is taking part in an exciting new project to translate key texts about workers' struggles and radical politics from English into Chinese. You can donate here:

These translations will be published online in our Chinese language section, as well as on websites in China, and will be printed in China and circulated to Chinese reading groups whose members have expressed interest in these topics.

Depending on length, articles cost between US$40-240 to translate. Some have been done already (see our Chinese language section), but we really need donations to fund the rest. Among the texts due for translation are ones about the mass struggles in Italy in the 60s and 70s, the struggles in Gurgaon, India today, struggles specific to working class women, and practical guides to organising in the workplace and the community. is a leading web resource for working class people seeking to improve our lives, our working conditions and our communities. We have news of campaigns around the world, and have a huge archive of over 20,000 texts on the workers' movement, including an extensive section with histories of strikes, uprisings and revolutions.

Workers in China are fighting back against the employers, and winning. So please give us a small donation to help radicals in the country access more materials and information to assist them.

If you are union activist you could also propose a motion to donate to us to your local branch committee.

Please also help spread the word by sharing this on Facebook, Twitter, with friends who may be interested!

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Aug 29 2017 19:00



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Aug 29 2017 21:19

Which key texts?

Aug 30 2017 20:46

Great idea. I hope their organization is coordinated and effective.

Aug 30 2017 22:22
jondwhite wrote:
Which key texts?

I will send you a message with more info when I have a chance. Unfortunately because of the difficult legal situation in China we can't post too much information publicly about this

Sep 5 2017 08:58
jondwhite wrote:
Which key texts?

have sent you a private message

Sep 5 2017 12:37
Steven. wrote:
Unfortunately because of the difficult legal situation in China we can't post too much information publicly about this

Do you know if the situation in this respect is appreciably any better in Hong Kong then it is in mainland China?

edit: Sorry if I'm derailing the thread with this question.

Sep 5 2017 13:53

Yes it is, laws in Hong Kong are very different to the mainland under "one country two systems", after British rule ended. For example there are independent trade unions based in Hong Kong, which are illegal on the mainland.