France: A history of revolt

The recent mass movement against the CPE is not the only rebellion to have swept France in recent years. Some historical background links are provided. presents texts giving a partial history of revolt in France via and

2005: Notes on the riots for all those who want to change the world
An analysis of the banlieue riots during Autumn 2005.

2005: The Movement of secondary school students in France
Demonstrations and school occupations against the "Fillion" law.

2003: Notes on the Movement in France
Strikes and demonstrations against "decentralisation in education" and pensions reform.

2003: Marx and Makhno meet MacDonalds
A detailed look at the "solidarity collective" and two strikes they assisted in Paris.

1994 - Nous Sommes Tous Des Casseurs
The anti CIP "beginning work contract" movement of 1994. The begninning work contract included measures such as a 20% wage cut.

France 1968
An overview of the general strike in 1968. See also the following from our 1968 archive:

May 1968 Documents - Situationist International
Paris: May 1968 - Maurice Brinton's diary
The Mass Strike in France May-June 1968 - ICO
Worker-Student Action Committees, France May '68 - Roger Gregoire and Fredy Perlman

Anarchist Activity In France During World War Two
Accounts of anarchist activity in the French resistance and elsewhere during World War Two, from the CNT-AIT.

The Workers of the Paris Region During the Popular Front (1936-38) Michael Seidman
A PDF detailing the sit-in factory occupations during the Popular Front period, including analysis of the CGT's role in the struggle.

1895-1921: The revolutionary origins of the CGT
An article on the early history of the CGT.

Paris Commune 1871
Our archive of texts about the Paris Commune 1871, where workers took over the city and ran it themselves.

French writers on


Situationist International

Socialisme Ou Barbarie

Theorie Communiste

Daniel & Gabriel Cohn Bendit

Guy Debord

Jacques Derrida

Gilles Dauvé

Raoul Vaneigem

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