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IWW Scottish education workers’ network: what we stand for

What we stand for: Worker and student rights and self-organisation / Opposition to casualisation/precarious work / A vision for education / Full funding / Industrial (sector-wide) organising / Actions and campaigns / International contacts / Equality and diversity / Countering bullying, harassment, and discrimination / Research, scholarship and knowledge creation

Doctors take welcome step towards protecting health of own union's cleaning staff

Doctors at the recent British Medical Association (BMA) national conference have taken a welcome step towards protecting the health of the cleaning staff employed by their own union.

IWW call to support motions to BMA conference for london living wage for cleaners at BMA House

The British Medical Association, the national trade union for doctors, pays its workers who clean BMA House the minimum wage of £6.19/hour. The cleaners are demanding the London Living Wage, £8.55/hour. BMA Tower Hamlets Division and the BMA London Regional Council which have both submitted motions to the BMA Annual Representatives Meeting supporting the cleaners demand for the London Living Wage. On Friday (21st June) London IWW leafleted outside BMA House to urge BMA members and passes by to help get motions 482 and 483 on the Table. You too can help right now. Please email the BMA in Scotland and demand that these motions are heard.

End Metroline race to the bottom: reinstate Oscar Alvarez now!

We, the Industrial Workers of the World (IWW) want to express our deep concern and strong condemnation of the unfair dismissal of Oscar Alvarez, Union Representative of the IWW at the West Perivale garage.

IWW lobby BMA council for a London living wage for BMA house cleaning staff

On Wednesday 28th November members of the London General Membership Branch of the Industrial Workers of the World (IWW) organised a lobby of the British Medical Association (BMA) Council to demand a London Living Wage for the IWW unionised cleaning staff of BMA House, London.

Bravery and creativity in the crisis - a Wobbly organiser's thoughts on the struggle

Some reflections on the recent resurgence of the Wobblies, their current campaigns, and their role in radicaly renewing the labour movement and reviving the working class' struggle against capitalist exploitation.

IWW victory! John Lewis cleaners win pay rise

The industrial Workers of the World are proud to announce their victory in their latest John Lewis cleaners' campaign. On Friday 16 November, the IWW-unionised John Lewis cleaning staff employed by contractor Integrated Cleaning Management won a 9% pay rise as a result of their campaign.

IWW cleaners at John Lewis to ballot for industrial action

On Wednesday 14 November 2012, the Industrial Workers of the World (IWW) announced their intention to ballot IWW unionised John Lewis cleaning staff for industrial action. The outsourced cleaners work at four different John Lewis sites in London and are employed by cleaning contractor Integrated Cleaning Management (ICM). This announcement follows a previous press release on Monday 12 November, in which IWW lodged a fresh pay dispute on behalf the IWW unionised cleaners at John Lewis. Attached campaign press releases can be downloaded at the bottom of this article.

IWW cleaners at John Lewis in new pay dispute

On Monday 12th November 2012 the Industrial Workers of the World union (IWW) lodged a fresh pay dispute on behalf of outsourced cleaners at John Lewis.

Call for justice for BMA cleaning workers

The Industrial Workers of the World union are calling for a Living Wage and improved working conditions for the cleaners who work at the Head Quarters of the British Medical Association in London.

End the repression! IWW union supports Chile's students fight for education!

Industrial Workers of the World (European Regional Administration) statement of solidarity with the Student Movement and student/university strikes in Chile (cf. attached PDF).