Film of anti-sarkozy rioting in Grenoble

This video shows some fighting between police and demonstrators.
The explosions are either teargas grenades or 'flashballs' a flashball fires rubber bullets, I think they're the same as baton rounds in the UK. They are used quite frequently by police and often against the safety guidelines.

In the video a protester gets run over trying to block a police car driving away with another demonstrator who'd been arrested.

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jef costello
May 19 2007 14:11


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Jacques Roux
May 19 2007 14:58

Thx for posting, i edited it to embed directly.

Whats the UMP?

Gotta love how the cop firing the 'grenades' is masked up in a leather jacket and jeans.

May 21 2007 05:06

no can see anything here embedded directly, rkn. all i see is a blank space.