French youth in move to the right.

According to a recent poll by Ipsos French people aged between 18-25 are most likely to vote for Sarkozy (30%) with Bayrou and Royal tied on (24%)Bayrou, the centrist candidate however would beat either of the two main candidates ibn a second round 53% -47% against Sarkozy 58%-42% against Royal. Sarkozy's lead in the first round is much higher than amongst the population in general whilst the second round results are broadly in line with those of the general population.

While it may be disappointing that this move to the right comes after the massive anti-CPE struggles last year it is difficult to say that the poll represents a loss of any kind. Also as all the numbers add up to 100 it is almost certain that they have removed the data from non-voting respondents.

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jef costello
Mar 23 2007 16:03


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