Sego finally voices an opinion.

To celebrate being chosen as the socialist party candidate has finally voiced an opinion on something. She has promised that the first law she will pass upon becoming President will be against domestic violence. One French woman is killed every three days by her current or former partner. As admirable as this is she hasn't talked about actual practical solutions, such as more funding for refuges and shelters. She has also failed to address the issue of why there are so few prosecutions even though violence against women is currently against the law. She has specified that Penal and Civil law will be brought into line, preventing violent men from using visitations to get access to women for example.

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jef costello
Nov 26 2006 18:09


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Dec 11 2006 15:34

We cannot say that sego is a real feminist. She embodies an old conception of a family organisation. A husband a wife and pretty children. His father was a soldier and she said that army is a good way to educate young rebels !