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Clapton Ultras

Dot Cotton

The Clapton Ultras have carved out something of a spectacle in East London at the Old Spotted Dog football ground, whilst managing to espouse progressive class politics and having fun at the same time.

Organising as the AF; our politics and what the group actually does

London AF Banner

I was reluctantly asked to introduce the Anarchist Federation (AF) some months ago at an open workshop and this is the expanded and edited notes derived from this event. It should be noted from the outset; these are entirely personal and may not be endorsed by the group in their entirety.

Down by Dao...

Ying-yang anyone?

Towards an assessment of Colin Ward's anarchism

An initial summary on the political ideas of Colin Ward.

Stormy warnings ahead in higher education


JoeMaquire looks at rocky road ahead in Higher Education.

Broken Glass; perspective on March for the Alternative