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IWW non-profit workers in Minneapolis go on strike after negotiations fail

Information on a just begun strike at a non-profit mobile food shelf and soup kitchen in Minneapolis.

AAUD/AAUD-E reader

A reader I compiled from various texts online of the AAUD/AAUD-E.

Building branch culture: Mesaba and Red November, Black November

Mesaba Co-Op Park

An article I wrote about two Twin Cities IWW branch events in 2011. Was originally intended for The Organizer, but was never used, so I'm posting it here.

Fragmented thoughts on political organization

Some rough thoughts on political organization, mostly based on my experience with groups in North America and conversations with some current and former members.

20 Years Later: the Los Angeles riots, hip-hop, rage and Trayvon Martin

A post about the Los Angeles riots, hip-hop and race in America.

Interview with Burnt Bookmobile

An interview with an individual involved in Burnt Bookmobile, a blog out of Milwaukee, Wisconsin run by some people influenced by various anti-authoritarian tendencies, including insurrectionary anarchism, left communism, and nihilism, among others.

Some objections to Occupy May 1st

A short list of objections to the May 1st general strike effort within the Occupy movement and some responses to them.

Conversation on general strikes

This is part of a discussion on Facebook that started off some questions on the topic of general strikes. I thought the conversation was interesting, so decided to turn into a blog post.

Wanted: non-digital resources of past radical movements

A callout to people with access to hard copies of non-digitized material that documents a number of radical social movements and groups to come forward.

Communization or GTFO?: a short piece on how we use propaganda

A short piece exploring some common issues and objections when it comes to agitational material.

Is reform possible?

A piece exploring whether the increasingly common claim by various anarchists and communists that reform is impossible is actually true. Inspired by informal conversations with Nate Hawthorne, who replies here.

Wisconsin: What now?

An update on what's happened in Wisconsin since early April.

A response to 'Direct Unionism: A Discussion Paper': Part 2 of 2

Part 2 of a 2 part reply by a IWW member, to 'Direct Unionism: A Discussion Paper', which argues for a network of militants and non-contractual organizing.

A response to 'Direct Unionism: A Discussion Paper': Part 1 of 2

Direct Action Gets Satisfaction

Part 1 of a 2 part reply by a IWW member, to 'Direct Unionism: A Discussion Paper', which argues for a network of militants and non-contractual organizing.

Wisconsin: Why a general strike hasn't happened yet...

An attempt to identify some factors that have prevented a general strike from breaking out in Wisconsin.

Impressions of Madison

An account of a recent trip to the protests in Madison, Wisconsin, which have erupted over the Governors plan to revoke collective bargaining rights to state employees.

Reportback from Class Struggle Anarchist Conference 2009

Abandoned Packard Auto Plant

A reportback from the 2009 Class Struggle Anarchist Conference in Detroit, Michigan.

Sometimes We Don't Even Get to the Point of Winning or Losing...

Reading The American Worker and old Italian operaismo surveys of auto workers, it occurred to me that it would be worth documenting some of my own experiences in wage labor. We often forget how powerful and important first person accounts of what happens to us are.