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Libcom traffic analysis 2016

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An overview of visits to over the past year.

2016 historical U.S. anarchism archiving project

List of materials that have been digitized as part of our effort to make U.S. anarchist periodicals and pamphlets from the 1930s-1950s freely available.

What's new to (July 2016)

A roundup of content that has been added to during July 2016. Thank you to all contributors!

Thoughts on the movement, or why we still don't even Corbyn - Joseph Kay and Ed Goddard

Registering to vote in the 2016 Labour leadership election raised £4,588,525.

It’s a lonely world these days for an anti-parliamentary socialist with all politics seeming to have taken a back seat to the current Labour Party shenanigans. While the deluge of establishment groupthink currently arrayed on Corbyn is as disgusting as it is cynical, we're still not pinning any hopes on him in the (now quite likely) event he comes out on top in the next leadership election.

What's new to (June 2016)

A roundup of content that has been added to during June 2016. Thank you to all contributors! starts online fundraiser for digitizing old radical publications

An announcement that we have started an online fundraiser for the purpose of tracking down, purchasing and digitizing older North American anarchist and Industrial Workers of the World (IWW) publications.

Top 10 libcom articles of 2015

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A quick rundown of our most popular articles and blog entries of the year. traffic analysis 2015

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A look at our traffic and at usage of through 2015, and what is in store for 2016. traffic analysis 2014

This is our rundown of our readership and content statistics for 2014. It has been our biggest year ever, with visits up 45%, and unique visitors up 57% on last year.

Top 10 libcom articles of 2014

A quick rundown of our top 10 most read blog, news and library articles over the past year.

Site maintenance under way

Just to let you know that we are running some upgrades on the site, so for the next couple of days some features may not work properly and we may have some intermittent downtime. Apologies for any inconvenience, but please bear with us as this work is vital for the ongoing functioning of the website. traffic analysis 2013

A detailed breakdown and analysis of our readership and content figures from the last year.

Top 10 libcom blog posts, library, and news articles of 2013

it really will

A round up of our most popular articles of the year.

We've moved to a new server!

Users will need to clear their cache to log in but otherwise everything is running a lot faster. 10 years of class struggle online

Birthday cake

Today, Thursday, 26 September 2013, turns 10. In this blog post we look back at the evolution of the site over the last decade, pick out some highlights and look to the future.

Donation appeal to purchase and digitise Solidarity materials

We are appealing for our users to please donate to us to cover the £180 cost of the purchase of rare materials by Solidarity to digitise them.

Top ten libcom blog posts of 2012

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The 10 most popular articles which have been posted to our blog section in 2012.

Top ten most read libcom articles of 2012

Here are the 10 most popular articles read by you lot throughout 2012. traffic analysis 2012

Our annual breakdown of statistics on people reading and posting to in the USA: Juan Conatz joins libcom collective

Juan and friends, celebrating. is very happy to announce that one of our US-based users, Juan Conatz, has joined the admin collective.