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Libcom at the London anarchist bookfair 2012

London anarchist bookfair

Ahead of the London anarchist bookfair on Saturday, here's a few recommendations and announcements from the libcom team.

Save Mute magazine!

Mute magazine

Mute magazine produce high-quality, thought provoking radical content online and in print, and are one of the few of their kind able to actually pay their writers. After a 100% budget cut from the Arts Council, their future is in the balance, and they are appealing for donations to keep them in print. Read their appeal below...

Warning: Tout

Seamus Colligan

A London-based 'anarchist' going by the name of Seamus Colligan (aka O’Colgan) has started a campaign to 'out' anarchists and feminists. site updates log

A log of updates, new features and improvements we make to

New feature: improved social sharing

As part of our ongoing improvements to the site, we have made it easier for people to share our content on social networking websites like Facebook. unveils new theme

This May Day 2012 we are happy to unveil the beta version of our new theme.

Check out's class struggle timeline Facebook timeline

As a new feature, we have set up a timeline of working class and libertarian communist history on our Facebook fan page. Why not take a look?

Design a new logo for libcom

Farewell, old logo

We're nearly ready to roll out the long-awaited site redesign. The finishing touch is a new site logo graphic.

Introducing libcom's bloggers


A brief introduction to the bloggers on, new and old.

New feature: Vote comments up/down

As part of our ongoing redesign we've added a new feature: the ability for logged-in users to vote comments up and down.

How do you find our use of social networking?

We at would like to know what our users think about our use of our social networking presences on Facebook and Twitter, so please give us your feedback.

Some slight changes when submitting content

We have just made some minor changes to the forms for submitting content, to make things easier and to help improve the site, which are outlined below.

ANNOUNCEMENT: Scheduled downtime - 'SOPA Strike'

SOPA strike

At 1pm GMT tomorrow (Jan 18) we will take libcom offline in solidarity with the "SOPA strike" and in opposition to a more restrictive internet. traffic analysis: up 40% in 2011

People reading libcom

Statistics on's readership and users in 2011 - both of which have increased significantly compared with 2010.

Top ten most read libcom articles of 2011

A captivated libcom reader

Countdown of the most popular articles on you nerds have been reading this year.

Top ten libcom blog posts of 2011

A libcom blogger at work

The top ten most popular blog posts on throughout 2011, alongside blog statistics.

Changes coming to

Behind the scenes, we’ve been working hard on a major redesign of the website. traffic analysis 2010

Statistics on's readership figures between January 2009 and December 2010.

Top ten tracks of 2010

Libcom's favourite music of 2010.

Libcom library archiving to do list

An updated list of documents and websites we would like to archive in our library.