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Top ten most read libcom articles of 2010

Our most popular articles you nerds have been reading this year.

Top ten music videos of 2010

Libcom's pick of the best music videos of 2010.

Christmas libcom donation appeal

… or maybe we'll just get one of these

A Christmas appeal to our users and readers for donation pledges to help keep running and improving!

Libcom bloggers and other site improvements

Just a quick announcement about some minor improvements we have made to the site, most of which are to give more prominence and easy accessibility of our popular user blogs.

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We have finally sorted out our PayPal account, so if you have been thinking about giving us a donation, now it's easy!

Top ten most read libcom articles of 2009

Countdown of the top 10 most popular articles and blog entries on in 2009.

Top ten tracks of 2009

Jay-Z picks out our best music of 2009.

Top ten music videos of 2009 pick out their best music videos of 2009. now on twitter

Your favourite libertarian communist website,, now has an account on twitter. Follow us there and get notifications of all the latest additions and updates:

The libcom library archiving Christmas wish list!

Well, it's the holiday season, here is a wish list of content we would like archived on over the next year, if anyone felt like giving us a present! [Article from Christmas 2009, now out of date]

other archives hosted on

A breakdown of the other websites and online archives which has incorporated over the years. joins International Communist Current [April fools]

Today, as the international bourgeoisie comes together at the G20 conference, we can inform our readers with happiness of a great coming together of the international proletariat, because as a result of deep discussions held with patience over the past two years the libcom group have been integrated into the International Communist Current and formed the online editorial section of the ICC internationally.

Libcom on facebook! is now on facebook properly, so why not "Like" us now?

Top ten TV shows of 2008

The Wire's Omar Little

Continuing our series of year-end reviews, Libcom presents our pick of the best television programmes broadcast in the UK in 2008.

Happy holidays to all Libcom users

A quick post to wish all our users and readers a happy holiday season, with some notes on what 2009 holds.

Top ten music videos of 2008

Libcom's pick of the best music videos of 2008.

Top ten tracks of 2008

Libcom's pick of the best music of 2008.

libcom on wordle

Have fun.

New site feature: edit tab for all users

Annual report 2007

Since it's the end of the year, here's a very short annual report, with a graph!