Forthcoming attractions – August 2007

These are all titles that have been announced by Turnaround Distributions in the UK. Some titles are from the USA and may be available before they are in the UK. Do check with the relevant publishers for more up-to-date information. Details may change between the date of initial announcement and final publication. Imported titles may change price due to exchange rate fluctuations.

Forthcoming attractions – August 2007

Alexander, Jim “Darwin's Nuts” Zidane Press. £8.99 186pp pbk

Baillargeon, Normand “A short course in intellectual self-defense: find your inner Chomsky” Seven Stories Press. £9.99 272pp pbk

Bookchin, Murray “Social Ecology and Communalism” AK Press. £9.00 128pp pbk

Curtis, Drew “It's Not News, It's Fark: how mainstream media tries to pass off crap as news” Gotham Books. £12.99 288pp hbk

Davis, Mike “In Praise of the Barbarians: essays against the Empire” Haymarket Books. £9.99 240pp pbk

Helms, Harry “Top Secret Tourism: your travel guide to germ warfare laboratories, clandestine aircraft bases and other places in the United States you're not supposed to know about” Feral House. £8.99 224pp pbk

Horrox, James “A Living Revolution: Anarchism in the Kibbutz Movement” AK Press. £13.00 224pp pbk

Hoyles, Asher and Martin “Dyslexia from a cultural perspective” Hansib Publications. £12.99 200pp pbk

“Invert(e) #1: flagrantly queer culture, politics, sex and dish” (ed Greg Wharton and Ian Philips) Suspect Thoughts Press. £8.99 112pp. Pbk

Kissack, Terence “Free Comrades: anarchism and homosexuality in the United States 1895 – 1917” AK Press. £14.00 220pp pbk

Kohl, Herbert “Should be we burn Babar: essays on children's literature and the power of stories” The New Press. £9.99 240pp pbk

Lippard, Lucy “The Lure of the Local: senses of place in a multicentered society” The New Press. £21.99 336pp pbk

Meija, Camilo “The Road from Ar Ramadi: the private rebellion of staff sergeant Mejia” The New Press. £15.99 288pp hbk

Rothschild, Matthew “You have no Rights: stories of America in an age of repression” The New Press. £11.99 240pp pbk

Sgrena, Giuliana “Freidnly Fire: the remarkable story of a jornalist kidnapped in Iraq, rescued by an Italian Secret Service Agent and Shot by US Forces” Haymarket. £12.99 280pp hbk

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