Forthcoming Attractions – January 2008

Some books that may or may not be of interest that are due to be distributed by Turnaround Publisher Services as of January 2008 in the UK

Forthcoming Attractions – January 2008

Deville, Nancy “Death by Supermarket. The fattening, dumbing down and poisoning of America” Barricade, 336pp. Pbk, £10.99

Doctor, Bernard Aquina “Malcolm X for beginners” For beginners, 128pp. Pbk £8.99

Gurstelle, William “Adventures from the Underground: catapults, pulsejets, rail guns, flamethrowers, tesla coils, air cannons, and the garage warriors who love them” Three Rivers Press, 496pp. Pbk £8.99

Lemay, Eric Charles “Heidegger for beginners” For beginners, 128pp. Pbk £8.99

Norton, Michael “365 Ways to Change the world” Myriad Editions, 400pp. Pbk £9.99

Torres, Bob “Making a Killing. The political economy of animal rights” AK Press, 185pp. Pbk, £11.00

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