Forthcoming Attractions – September 2007

These are all titles that have been announced by Turnaround Distributions in the UK. Some titles are from the USA and may be available before they are in the UK. Do check with the relevant publishers for more up-to-date information. Details may change between the date of initial announcement and final publication. Imported titles may change price due to exchange rate fluctuations.

Forthcoming Attractions – September 2007

Cockburn, Alexander & St. Clair, Jeffrey “End Times: the death of the Fourth estate” AK Press. 360pp £12.00

Davis, Mike & Monk, Daniel Bertrand “Evil Paradises: dreamworlds of neoliberalism” The New press. 352pp £16.99

Seabrook, Jeremy “The no-nonsense guide to world poverty” New Internationalist. 144pp £6.99

Van der walt, Lucien & Schmidt, Michael “Black Flame: the revolutionary class politics of anarchism and syndicalism” AK Press. 500pp £18.00

Zinn, Howard “The Unraveling of the Bush presidency” Seven Stories. 64pp £4.99

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May 30 2007 16:11


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Rob Ray
May 30 2007 16:34

Nice work Mal, might want to calm it down a bit though or you'll run out of stuff to write!

jef costello
May 30 2007 20:41

exactly, it's my job to spam the blog section smile

good stuff though, might want to pace yourself a bit so they stay on the 'recent posts' thing for a bit, otherwise people are less likely to see them.

May 31 2007 07:40

Thanks for feedback.

I've been storing up stuff for a blog like this so it might as well all be put in now.

Anyways, there'll be a gap now until some more material surfaces.