Omar Ibrahim March 26th Anti-Cuts Prisoner's blog

Let There Be An Afghan Spring

The good news is that Omar will be released in 11 weeks and will have only served half of his 18 month sentence. He will doing a useful DIY workshop soon and is getting on well with everyone.

Please continue to write to him. You can also find his contact details on his blog: http://bangedupforprotesting.wordpress

Not A Sick Society: A Sick State – 2nd January 2012

Comparing how States deal with dissent

This article was submitted to national prison magazine Not Shut Up. The editor approved it for print but the Head of Education at HMP Wandsworth blocked its final publication.

Omar Ibrahim’s statement before being sentenced + contact details

Omar Ibrahim, from Glasgow, was given an 18 month sentence on November 4th 2011 for violent disorder following his arrest outside Topshop in Oxford Street London on March 26th 2011 during the anti-cuts demonstrations.

WTF Happened in Brussels and do I really care?

Cameron and Clegg as Rod Hull and Emu:

Do Not Silence Rebellion

On the criminalisation of Celtic fans for singing Republican songs:

SDL? It Should Say HATE On The Tin

The prison gossip on the Pakistani Cricketer Celebrity Prisoners!