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Announcing a new collaborative blog project to investigate capitalism and climate change.

This blog has been set up to investigate one of the most pressing issues of our time: anthropogenic climate change (a.k.a. global warming). Climate change poses serious questions about the viability of both the capitalist mode of production and the global states system, and forces us to confront questions of technology and humanity’s relation to (the rest of) nature. These are huge questions. This blog can’t promise answers, but will be a place for critical investigation.

Behind this blog is a loose collective. We don’t have any agreed positions or perspectives, beyond thinking that climate change is a vital area of investigation. We all share a broadly libertarian communist perspective, though our backgrounds include left communism, anarcho-syndicalism, the Green Party, anarchist communism, green economics, and social ecology. Some of us are scientifically trained, but none of us are experts in climate or environmental policy. We are learning as we go.

We intend to cover: critical introductions to proposed technological and economic fixes (carbon & capture and storage, geo-engineering, emissions trading schemes); engagement with and introduction to theories of capitalism and climate change (from proposals to reform capitalism to revolutionary critiques); analysis of the energy sector and prospects for a shift to renewables; commentary on media coverage or topical issues, and; investigation of environmental movements, in particular their successes and failures, class composition and organisational forms, and relationship with libertarian communist organisations, movements and/or theory.

As we work through these questions ourselves, we’ll use the blog as somewhere to get our thoughts down in writing and to stimulate discussion. Some of the questions we have set ourselves are:

  • Can the problem of climate change be 'solved' within capitalism? What do we expect will be the consequences if we just let things take their course?
  • What do we think of relevant climate change institutions - IPCC, UN, intergovernmental conferences, industry, climate change deniers, NGOs etc?
  • Is climate change a class issue? How do the two relate? What do we make of existing activism?
  • Are libertarian communist organisations well equipped to respond to climate change issues, or do we need to come up with new forms?
  • What are the possible solutions, and which ones can we advocate? What is the role of technology?

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Out of the Woods
Feb 11 2014 21:17


  • Climate change poses serious questions about the viability of both the capitalist mode of production and the global states system, and forces us to confront questions of technology and humanity’s relation to (the rest of) nature. These are huge questions.

    Out of the Woods

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Feb 11 2014 23:42

You might like this discussion archive which is coming from similiar space https://groups.google.com/forum/m/#!forum/socialwar-energy-climatewar

Feb 12 2014 10:38

This looks like a very interesting project so look forward to seeing more in the future!

Feb 13 2014 19:50

Yeah, agreed, this looks like it's gonna be ace!

Feb 13 2014 20:39

It's pretty timely too

Gabriel Levy
Feb 13 2014 23:07

Hello. I'm interested in similar stuff. A recent article here. And some discussion pieces here.

Feb 14 2014 20:47

gran ideé camarades

Feb 17 2014 02:58

Would you be interested in having us repost them on http://ecology.iww.org?

Out of the Woods
Feb 17 2014 07:18

That would be great, thanks.

Feb 26 2014 09:44

Just to say, really enjoying your blog so far. Looks like it might compile into a good book or e-book at some point in the future.

But I was wondering if you would like a better URL… Like libcom.org/outofthewoods or libcom.org/blog/outofthewoods

I could set up the current URL to forward to that one. Just thought it would be easier to tell people/remember…

Out of the Woods
Feb 26 2014 09:55

libcom.org/outofthewoods would be great, and forwarding would be good (someone's already made a promo video using the current URL):

Joseph Kay
Feb 26 2014 13:34

That URL/redirect should be live now.

Feb 26 2014 15:34

Cheers Joseph, hopefully the person who made the video can quickly change it! (And maybe snip out the "gentleman" to make it non-gender specific)

Feb 26 2014 15:39

I think you've uploaded the wrong video- that is a trailer for Godzilla.

Feb 26 2014 17:21

On some similar lines a worthwhile read from the left-communist perspective:


Mar 12 2014 15:02

You know, I was thinking it would be really good if you guys could put together a general environment or climate change reading guide, to go in our libcom reading guides… What do you think?

Out of the Woods
Mar 12 2014 17:20

Hi Steven - good idea - I'll suggest that on our collaboration board.

Mar 12 2014 17:34

Good stuff, cheers. You could post it as a blog entry, and we could add it to the guide as well.

Jan 10 2017 12:38

This short discussion article on transitioning to a socialist/communist society comes from someone influenced by the Marxist-humanist tendency and although it's pretty basic with familiar content to libcom readers I thought it was good to see such discussion being widely circulated in different more traditional left-wing circles: