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Anarchist social organization

A piece discussing debates over the role of political ideas within social movements, and the debate within anarchism over political organization applied to the current context of North American anarchism.

Draft thoughts on strategy for American anarchists

A sketch written and distributed amongst some anarchists from April of 2016 prior to Trump's electoral victory.

What's at stake in the health care debate?

The debate in the United States over how to provide health care to a nation increasingly burdened by the costs and dissatisfied with the status quo has returned with a vengeance. S Nicholas Nappalos comes at these issues as a nurse and organizer, and tries to unpack the implications of the growing health crisis, what alternatives we really have, and what health for-and-by workers and the community could look like.

Messengers of transition: The 2016 election and the undermining of recent politics

A discussion of the US 2016 election season as a sign of decay and change in the ruling class.

Dismantling our divisions: craft, industry, and a new society

A discussion of craft and industrial divisions in health care that leads to the debate between the IWW, FORA, and other revolutionary unions over the relationship between unions in capitalist and post-revolutionary society.

Moving the shadow of eternity: time, change, agency, and emergence in pursuit of liberation

A piece exploring time and change within capitalism, and pointing to their relevance for revolutionaries.

Is there a revolutionary method?

This is an article critiquing the idea of a single revolutionary method that leads to truth and revolutionary action drawing from dissonance between choosing how to act and the emergence of large scale forces in capitalism.

Dividing our lives: time as a concept of struggle

This is an article exploring the relevance of the concept of time to libertarian social struggle, and the construction of time under capitalism as a tool of exploitation.

Liberation as transformation

A piece about humanism, reform, and a case against linear ideas of social transformation through reforms.

Review of The New Brazil: regional imperialism and the new democracy.

Originally posted to the South Florida IWW blog. The following piece is a review by Miami IWW member, Scott Nikolas Nappalos. He provides thorough overview of The New Brazil: Regional Imperialism and the New Democracy where he explains Brazil’s economic and political history and analyze the concept of imperialism. It is a well written piece and we recommend everyone to read more below.

Healthcare is only a tiny part of health

[originally posted to the South Florida IWW blog] The following piece is written by Miami IWW member, Scott Nikolas Nappalos. This particular article is undeniably keen and highlights the setbacks of the healthcare system. It also explains how healthcare militants should go further than just changing the health system, but to also develop healthcare that enhances it’s ethics and values. Therefore, we recommend to read more below and hope that you will enjoy this piece.

The necessity of experimentation and the immanence of change today

A short piece on the uncertainty of the present and the need for experimentation and creativity.

Politics as an alienated sphere of life

A short article on politics as an alienated separation of social life, and the need for constructing collective practices that challenge the divisions and relationships that constitute political activity in favor of libertarian alternatives.

State intervention to save capitalism: the IWW and the state

A discussion of the role of state intervention in the workers movement, an increasing approach of mobilizing movements to improve capitalism through state reform, and an appeal for the IWW to take an oppositional role to the state and such reform projects.

Methods and concepts are tools for emanicipation: a critique

An article that centers political concepts as tools for action and a critique of turning them into ideology.

Unity for what and with whom? A polemic against left unity

An analysis of the contemporary situation in the United States, the conditions of the left, and a critique of promotion of activity unifying the left. It ends looking to another form of political action in today's environment.

Lessons from a social service worker’s strike

This piece was written in 2004-2005 in the wake of a strike at a behavioral health facility. Through the immediate eyes of those experiences it grapples with a number of forces in working life we find ourselves up against today.

Emergence is a revolution in human thinking

Exploration of emergence as a tool for revolutionaries, it's use by capitalist management theory, and the tensions within that create opportunities for counterpower.

Lever points: complex systems and potentialities for liberation

Discussion of the concept of lever points from emergence theory as a tool for understanding and acting as revolutionaries in different moments.

A Politics of humanity: towards a critique of conflict, identity, and transformation

This is a draft of some ideas I’m working through critiquing the role of identification with existing social divisions within capitalism as a transition to the abolition of such divisions. It’s in a rough state, and I’d appreciate constructive contributions.