The anarchist cookbook: red lentil dal

I just posted this on some thread or other, and thought I'd save it here for posterity. Maybe the first in a regular feature. wink

Red lentil dal
8oz of red lentils, rinsed, then add 1½ pints of water. Add a teaspoon of salt. And 4 cardamom seeds, if you've got them. Bring to the boil, put the lid on & simmer for 30 mins.

Then, in another pan: -
Heat up 4 tablespoons of vegetable or groundnut oil. Turn the heat down, or it will spit like fuck.
Add 1 teaspoon of mustard seeds & 1 teaspoon of cumin seeds.
When the mustard seeds start to pop, add 4 cloves of garlic, finely sliced.
When the garlic is nice & brown, add 5oz of tomato (i.e. one big tomato, or thereabouts), finely chopped, 2 teaspoons of turmeric, one teaspoon of garam masala, and one teaspoon of dried chili flakes. NB: - When you add the tomatoes to the garlic, it looks like the garlic is burning. Don't worry about this.
Stir constantly for 2-3 minutes, until the tomato has gone pulpy.

Add your lentils (which should be nice & mushy by now) to the spicy mixture, put the lid on & simmer for 5-10 minutes. If you have fresh coriander, stir in a chopped handful around now.

If you want it thinner, use 6oz lentils with the same amount of water. Any more than 8oz lentils and it's too thick & might stick to the pan.


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the button
Nov 16 2006 15:25


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Jacques Roux
Nov 16 2006 16:04

Regular feature it should be!

the button
Nov 17 2006 10:22

.... and your book on the state of the contemporary libertarian movement in Britain should be called The Anarchist Cockbook, presumably. wink

Jacques Roux
Nov 22 2006 11:37

I made this last night and it was great. I didn't use as much water as you suggested though - i cant handle it that soupy! Also I added salt wink

the button
Nov 22 2006 11:43

Good man for adding the salt, because I forgot to put that in the recipe. A teaspoon in with the lentils .embarrassed

I also forgot to say that you can add 4 cardamom pods to the lentils while they're simmering on their own, if you like.

the button
Nov 22 2006 14:20

This blog entry is now on the front page of a google search for "anarchist cookbook" if you specify 'pages from the UK.' Good work, comrades. grin


Nov 22 2006 14:55

what happens if i type loads of things like pipe bomb, improvised gun, ricin, anthrax, fertiliser etc?

Joseph Kay
Nov 22 2006 15:09

for a random admin probably