The anarchist cookbook II: sweet potato & apple soup

This is enough for two people, with seconds. It's incredibly filling.

Pre-heat your oven to 230 degrees/whatever gas mark that is.

3 big sweet potatoes (£1 for 5lb off Lewisham market on Saturday cool), peeled and cut into big chunks.
About 8 shallots (two bags for the price of one in Sainsburys at the moment), peeled and quartered.
Two or three eating apples (depending on how big they are)(2 kilos for a quid off the market), cored and cut into big chunks. Leave the peel on -- it'll stop them dissolving.

Dry-fry a teaspoon of cumin seeds and 1½ teaspoons of fennel seeds, along with as many peppercorns as you like, in a pan until they go brown & start to smell fucking lovely. Then crush, rather than grind to a powder. NB For the love of god, don't buy your herbs & spices from supermarkets -- they're eye-wateringly expensive. You can get a 500g bag of cumin seeds for an Indian grocer for less than the price of one of those little jars in Sainsburys.

Put the potato & apple chunks, along with the shallot quarters, into a roasting dish. Sprinkle with the crushed spices, and a few grinds of salt. Then drizzle (poncey as fuck cool) with 2 or 3 tablespoons of olive oil.

Stick in the oven (nice high shelf) for 25 minutes. Then take them out, turn them, and back in for another 25 minutes.

While all this is going on, make 1½ pints of vegetable stock.

When the vegetables are done (and the shallots might look a bit burned -- don't worry), put half of them in a pan, and add half the stock. Then blend until it's as smooth as you like it, with one of those little hand blenders that cost a fiver from Woolworths. Alternatively, use a big flashy food processor, but that would be a bastard to wash up. Put the other half of the veg, and the remaining stock in the pan, and blend again. (It's easier to do it in two halves).

Heat until it's warm enough to eat.

For an extra foppish touch, put some of the roasted shallots to one side, let them cool, then seperate out the layers. When you've dished your soup up, put some of the roasted shallot pieces in the middle of the soup. embarrassed

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the button
Dec 5 2006 15:50


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the button
Dec 5 2006 16:09

Especially for revol: -

Take potatoes.
Place in boiling water until cooked.

That's it.

Happy now?

the button
Dec 5 2006 16:13

Yeah, rkn pointed that out, but I simply can't be arsed to change the recipe.

You can also put four cardamom seeds in with the lentils while they're cooking (with your precious teaspoon of salt roll eyes).

the button
Dec 5 2006 16:16

Tablespoon? eek

Jesus, your poor arteries.

(You wouldn't catch me doing anything that might be bad for my heart).


Jacques Roux
Dec 7 2006 12:43
Also, you gotta put it in right at the start - the closer to the end you add it, the worse it is

So true.

Button - i got 8 shallots for 17p the other day. Except i had to call them "small onions".

Above recipe sounds like it could work well with sage btw.

the button
Dec 7 2006 12:51

Yeah, good idea.

Check out my latest recipe for lifestylist goulash, btw.

[/shameless self-promotion]