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Greek public broadcasting shutdown

The surprise closure of the public broadcaster ERT provokes anger and a general strike as thousands are fired.

Striking teachers ordered back to work

OLME on strike

The Greek government has issued orders for teachers to halt a planned strike over working conditions this week.

Bosses open fire on migrant workers in Greece

More than twenty migrant workers were injured when their bosses fired on them with shotguns on Wednesday.

Just another day in Greece

Police outside the Maragopouleio occupation in Patra

The last few days have seen a number of incidents across Greece. Fascist attacks, hunger strikes, rival groups of protesters clashing and thousands of people having their electricity cut off are just some of the news stories from one day.

Greek islands against the Golden Dawn

Residents of Crete and Thasos have recently stopped Golden Dawn activities in separate incidents on the Greek islands.

Police invasion of Greek anti-mining town

The dispute over gold mines in Greece intensified this week. Police invaded the town of Ierissos and tear-gassed school children as residents protested.

Greece: Social explosion?

As the president of Greece becomes the latest person to predict a 'social explosion' in Greece it seems a good idea to ask the question: Are we likely to see an escalation of social unrest as the crisis continues?

Greece: Mining compound attacked

Over the weekend a group of people carried out an attack against a controversial mine in northern Greece causing significant damage to vehicles and mining equipment.

Fascist attacks on self-organised spaces repulsed

Two self-organised spaces were successfully defended when they were attacked by fascist and police forces over the weekend.

Athens metro workers forced back to work

Solidarity to the Metro workers. All to the streets!

The Greek government has forced an end to a nine day public transport strike which brought parts of Athens to a standstill.

Another squat evicted in Athens

This afternoon the police evicted the Lelas Karagianni squat in central Athens. The fourth attack in under a month.

PM's office fired upon in Athens

Early this morning the main office of governmental party New Democracy was fired upon with an AK47. This is the latest in a series of attacks on political and media targets in the last few days.

Battle for the squats in Athens

The battle against the eviction of squats in Greece heats up as more occupations are attacked and dozens arrested.

Attempted reoccupation of Villa Amalias

This morning there was an attempt to reoccupy the recently evicted Villa Amalias squat in Athens. In response the police again attacked the squat.

Greece: Statistics of austerity

As more loans have been released to the Greek state a combination of recent surveys and reports show the true effects of years of austerity. There has been across the board reductions in conditions and living standards for large parts of the Greek population.

Ongoing raid on Villa Amalias squat in Athens

Police in Athens are currently raiding one of the oldest squats in the city.

Remember remember the 6th of December

6th of December marked four years since the murder of 15 year old Alexis and the uprising of December 2008. On the day protests against police violence took place aross Greece.

Greece: the antifascist response

The far-right continues to grow in Greece but so to does the antifascist response. The last few weeks alone have seen antifascist actions across the country.

Greece against austerity: Everything continues

Another round of austerity measures has been approved in Greece. Before, during and after the vote people went on strike and took to the streets. And there are signs of resistance stiffening.

Round-ups, detention camps and deportations

The anti-immigrant operations continue and expand across Greece. Detention camps, round-ups and harassment are now state policy.