Top ten music videos of 2008

Top ten music videos of 2008

Libcom's pick of the best music videos of 2008.

Justice - DVNO
French electro duo Justice's video by Ed Banger label-mate So-Me pays homage to 80s graphic design and TV. Watch out for the Murder She Wrote bit!

Weezer - Pork and beans
This video is a lot better than the song. Youtube-Tastic:

Feist - I feel it all
Such a simple idea, it's surprising it's not used more. And unlike the Olympics, these fireworks aren't CGI:

Santogold - L.E.S. Artistes
Sensitive souls at MTV banned this video for some inexplicable reason...

Matt and Kim - Daylight
Like everything they do, Matt and Kim's latest video is so full of their sense of fun you can't not smile:

Girl Talk - Still here (fan video)
Fan video mash ups for Girl Talk abound. None of them match the standard of this one, of the best track sequence of 2008 album Feed the Animals:

Future Of The Left - Manchasm
Featuring Colin the pussycat, and the Dalston Rio, and lots of flashing red lights:

Justice - No stresse (parody of Justice - Stress )
This video is so hilarious, it even makes up for how appalling the proper video is. Check out the original before watching.

Big Face - Style Crusader
Inventive music video from the Glasgow dance rockers:

Does it offend you yeah? - We are rock stars
Maybe this isn't really one of their best 10 videos this year, but two of the libcom group are and their girlfriends are in it. And it's a damn good song.

So, what have other people's favourites been this year?

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Dec 25 2008 02:59


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Dec 29 2008 03:28

my favourite videos of the year were

- that chocolate rain one
- christopher hitchens being waterboarded
- the fat kid doing the lightsaber star wars audition
- the crocodile fighting a lion figthing a wildebeast or whatever
- a 'beadle's about' clip
- those mock GI Joe ones

thank you

Jan 4 2009 17:24

I want more ugly women in the top ten.