Workers' struggles in Asia (February 2010 Part 2)

Summary and links to news stories of workers' struggles around Asia (excluding mainland China and Hong Kong) in February from the 11th to the 28th.

Sorted by country in alphabetical order.


14th: Activist demand prtoection for domestic workers.
23rd: Teachers strike in Central Java.


More on the strike in Yangon.

North Korea

16th: In another food riot, this time on Kim Jong-Il's birthday, workers tried to rob a rice train. After one was shot dead by armed guards, the guards were in turn attacked with ploughs.


15th: Casual employees of Makati City Hall protest their dismissal.
Steel Workers at Global Steel launched a wildcat strike that lasted 11 days.
16th: Garment workers protest against the planned closure of their factory.
27th: Militants win Philippine Airlines union elections.

South Korea

23rd:Demonstration in support of migrant workers.
26th: Workers at a shipbuilder go on strike.


23: Triumph workers end eight-month protest in exchange for 250 industrial sewing machines to start their own brand.
Truck drivers blocked a road to protest excessive fines imposed by traffic police.;tea-money&039;-30123175.html

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