Workers' struggles in China (February 2010 Part 2)

Summaries and links to news reports of workers' struggles around China (now including Hong Kong) from the 10th to 28th of February.

18th: Article on the "Ant Tribe", underemployed graduates in China's cities.

21st: Update and petition for Liu Hanhuang, a worker sentenced to death after killing two managers in a fight after his employers refused to pay compensation for an injury at work.

24th: Evicted artists protest after they were attacked by masked men in Beijing, managing to go 500 yards towards Tiananmen Square before being stopped.
Resentment towards the rich growing in China according to studies.

25th: Toxic toll at Taiwan factory increases.

26th: Shanghai residents fight forced demolitions
Deathrow prisoners go on hunger strike, claiming they were tortured to get a confession.

27th: Two different articles examining the possibility of the "collapse" of China.
One local government has found a way of framing villagers for "blackmailing" them.

28th: China Labour Bulletin is a great source for news, but here's an article on the other work they do.

Hong Kong:

23: Cathay Pacific pilots in Hong Kong protest over unequal treatment of locals and expats.

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