Tommy Robinson to leave the EDL for the British Freedom Party

It has been a badly kept secret, but Tommy Robinson is about to announce he is leaving the EDL to join a group of fascist cranks, the British Freedom Party.

Jeff Monson v Fedor, this Sunday

Anarchist MMA fighter Jeff Monson is up against Fedor Emelianenko this Sunday in Moscow. Latest interview with him pre-fight.

‘Red’ Ed is a clueless fantasist

Ed Miliband has called for a 'new capitalism'. It is of course bollocks

Stay off the crack Gideon

Gideon Osborne appears to have been on the crack again. He has sold off Northern Rock for half of its value to a gangster.

Generation Occupy

The Free Association on the occupy movement and the background of the global upswing in struggle.

Who's out on Nov 30th?

A quick guide to union ballots for strike action on November 30th so far...

The Pope and his phoney outrage

The Pope is said to be outraged at a new Benetton advert. It is a shame that he is not as outraged by child abuse.

The great supermarket swindle

A brief look at the supermarket plot to dispense of the services of a large percentage of their workers. Where are USDAW is all of this? They are sat in board rooms, chasing peerages, and brown nosing the bosses.

Let’s all vote Labour without illusions

A compilation of four articles written earlier in 2011. It covers all four parts of a brief history of the Labour Party when it was ‘Old labour’. It looks at the years from its inception, up until 1994 when Tony Blair became leader. According to Labour loyalists, these were the ‘glory years’. This was the Labour Party that truly represented the working class, and it is the party that we need to reclaim. The alleged glory years are of course utter bollocks. There is nothing and never was anything to reclaim.

If someone calls you a b***k c**t, just shake their hand

There is no racism in football claims the contemptible Sepp Blatter. He says that if a player racially abuses another then they should just shake hands and get on with it. Is it any wonder that racism in society continues to be relatively acceptable when the celebrity class face no action for their vile behaviour?

Which side are you on?

Billy Elliot's dad's a wanker - don't scab

With a new wave of strikes fast approaching, workers and union officials have to decide on whose side they really are.

A critique of anti-assimilation - Gayge Operaista

In this piece, Gayge Operaista critiques how anti-assimilation politics of many radical queer tendencies ignores class struggle, and recasts queer liberation in terms of the class struggle, countering the worst excess of identity politics with an introduction to models of class struggle.

Negotiation without the option of a ‘threat’ is called begging

A quick look at scab union 'Voice' and their use of the term 'negotiation'.

What is wrong with crossing a picket line?

Since being brought to the attention of people striking on November 30, the no-strike union Voice has come in for some stick on Facebook and Twitter. They take exception to this, and argue in a blog that their views and their right to not strike ought to be respected. For them, and others who might be of a similar view, here's a quick guide to what exactly is wrong with crossing a picket line.

Cameron’s control freakery and paranoia

Government ramps up the apparatus of state control ahead of the Olympics, which is part of a wider and more worrying trend.

EDL take on #Occupy, while new light is shed on their supporters

A couple of reports on the English Defence League that have been published by the think-tank Demos recently make for interesting reading.

Boot Boy Bailiffs on the Rise?

A worrying example of bailiffs behaving as violent thugs which NPower believe is legitimate

Royal family and revolting cruelty

The Working Class Self Organisation blog looks at the Royal family's treatment of its own members with mental illnesses before the screening of a new Channel 4 documentary on the same subject.

Scab union that has no ‘Voice'

A brief introduction to the little known teachers union, Voice.

The tendency of state legitimacy to fall

This blog has been planned for ages, but has somewhat been superseded by the shift to ‘technocratic’ rule in Greece and Italy. Nonetheless, hopefully it’s a useful hypothesis on state legitimacy.