Manchester Class Struggle Forum - How can the Working Class fight back?

The next meeting of the Manchester Class Struggle Forum will be held on Wednesday the 6th of April, at 7pm in Rm4 of Friends' Meeting House, in Central Manchester.

The Promise, by Peter Kosminsky

Channel 4’s showpiece drama presents a revealingly limited portrayal of Palestine.

Broken Glass; perspective on March for the Alternative

Agent Provocateur in London?

AP have released raw footage from Saturday which appears to show a black bloc member inside a bank shouting "I'm a cop undercover" at onrushing police, who don't arrest him.

Anarchist extremists are hijacking our Big Whinge!

As people start to get their stuff together to go on March for the Alternative this morning, I thought I'd throw in a quick thought about the hounding of those people who ocassionally break things or get into fights with the cops - and a quick competition!

Only the beginning of their offensive

Leaflet distributed by Manchester Class Struggle Forum at both Manchester universities on Tuesday the 22nd of March and Thursday the 24th of March 2011.

Mammoth, directed by Lukas Moodysson

Another potentially interesting film tackling the human downsides of globalisation falls victim to superficial preaching

Liberalism, realism and the class struggle

Class struggle realism?

A discussion I've been having with friends lately is whether opposing liberalism from a class struggle perspective is just another form of political realism, liberalism's main rival in mainstream political theory. This seems to rest on the relationship between ethics and power in both doctrines, so here's a provisional answer. This isn't just an academic question, as it has implications for class struggle anarchist critiques of liberalism and Leninism/social democracy, which aside from anarchism are the principal ideologies of the current anti-cuts movement.

The new war on claimants: blaming the victims

With unemployment increasing, and hundreds of thousands more jobs facing the axe as a result of the cuts, the government is setting out new ways to punish the unemployed.

Women and Labour in the Realm of Capital

Akai discusses the situation of women at work and in the home.

The Lindisfarne Shelter, by Sally Madge

The Lindisfarne Shelter

Tom Jennings reports on the eventful life and death of an outstanding work of anonymous, autonomous public art

Is it worth protesting against council cuts?

In the wake of a series of anti-cuts rallies outside council buildings recently I thought I'd look at them through a slightly different lens - that of the original gentle rebel, Colin Ward.

Workers' struggles in Asia (February 2011)

Indonesian garment workers on strike

Summary and links to news stories of workers' struggles around Asia (focusing on East Asia) during February 2011 and related resources. The most important stories appear on my Twitter feed as soon as I find them:

Impressions of Madison

An account of a recent trip to the protests in Madison, Wisconsin, which have erupted over the Governors plan to revoke collective bargaining rights to state employees.

Accused, by Jimmy McGovern, BBC1

These tightly-wound fables describing inadmissible and extenuating circumstances around fictional crimes muddle moral and legal judgmentalism

The penguin history of Brighton SolFed-thought

The evolution of Brighton Solfed, if Banksy drew it.

A brief and incomplete account of the evolution of ‘Brighton SolFed thought’, so if you don’t get what we’re on about you might have some context.

Miliband vs Cameron on the Big Society

How the Big Society really looks

Today we have not one but two theses on the Tory "Big Society" concept. In the Guardian, David Cameron defends it while in The Independent, Ed Miliband gets his critique on. So I thought today, humbly, I'd take both of their articles on from a libertarian communist perspective.

Training and the union bureaucrats

When the TUC gets training it makes a bundle - and the bureaucrats it teaches probably aren't doing us many favours. traffic analysis 2010

Statistics on's readership figures between January 2009 and December 2010.

Review: One dimensional woman - Nina Power

Feminism is back, and a new book sets out to help prevent it falling victim to the mistakes of the past, according to Tom Jennings