Winter’s Bone, directed by Debra Granik

Flirting with heroic individualism, this story insists instead on age-old community bonds that everyone else seems to have written off

Reportback from Class Struggle Anarchist Conference 2009

Abandoned Packard Auto Plant

A reportback from the 2009 Class Struggle Anarchist Conference in Detroit, Michigan.

Get on the bus ... to the Jobcentre

Work and Pensions Secretary Iain Duncan Smith may well have blown his carefully-cultivated image as a 'compassionate conservative' with his recent Tebbit-esque comments arguing the jobless should 'get on the bus' and look for work. But new research by the PCS union shows that he's also completely wrong.

Sometimes We Don't Even Get to the Point of Winning or Losing...

Reading The American Worker and old Italian operaismo surveys of auto workers, it occurred to me that it would be worth documenting some of my own experiences in wage labor. We often forget how powerful and important first person accounts of what happens to us are.

The Secret In Their Eyes, directed by Juan José Campanella

Tom Jennings finds that there’s rather more than meets the eyes in this entertaining, if excessively clunky, Argentine crime drama

A nation of scroungers?

Following up on the Tories' campaign promise to "cut benefits for those who won't work", the government has unveiled a raft of measures to target "benefit cheats", alongside swingeing cuts to welfare. If we're to believe ministers and most of the press, increasing numbers of scroungers who won't work and expect to live on benefits are one of the reasons for the black hole in the nation's finances.

Libcom bloggers and other site improvements

Just a quick announcement about some minor improvements we have made to the site, most of which are to give more prominence and easy accessibility of our popular user blogs.

Labour Intensive, by Sally Madge & Carole Luby

This performance artwork powerfully evokes the blood, sweat and tears of the nurturance underpinning social reproduction, according to Tom Jennings

Venezuela: an election lost is an army gained

As his party loses unilateral control of parliament for the first time since his election, President Hugo Chávez looks to assimilate the working class via military service.

Ethical consumerism. Well?

A few thoughts and a little game to see whether we really can buy our way to a better world...

Ecuador: the President who cried "¡Golpe!”

Last Thursday, the world was briefly enthralled by events in Quito, Ecuador, where left-leaning President Rafael Correa called his followers out onto the streets via a hospital telephone, claiming that a police and military coup d’etat was in motion against his regime. However, upon closer examination, a different picture - one of popular anger with austerity measures and mass reduncancy - emerges...

The Girl With the Dragon Tattoo, directed by Niels Arden Oplev

Another simplistic Manichean exploration of good and evil helps explain neither violence against women nor what to do about it

A glimpse into the future of outsourced Britain - expensive, inefficient and on its way

Last month the government's spending watchdog, the Public Accounts Committee, published its report on the Pathways to Work Scheme. The programme, brought in at a cost of over £760 million four years ago, was part of the then government's attempt to target 'welfare cheats' and shift claimants off incapacity benfit and into work.

Poland's Main Unions Resume Attack against Pluralism

The two largest unions in Poland, Solidarity and OPZZ, are going back to the negotiating table. They have already agreed with the bosses to smash the independent unions.

Manchester Class Struggle Forum #7 - The Significance of the 1984/85 British Coalminers Strike

The next meeting of the Manchester Class Struggle Forum will take place on the subject of The Great Miners' Strike of 1984-85, 'Spikeymike' shall be providing a lead-off.

The Killer Inside Me, directed by Michael Winterbottom

Tom Jennings is disappointed with two films which purport to illuminate and critique violence against women. Part 1: The Killer Inside Me.

Bum Deal Bums Me Out

Only 11 workers refuse illegal bum deal offered by their boss. It is depressing and their victory is needed!


A beautiful poem, here preserved for posterity, by two unknown renegades.

Azteca Bar Conflict and Campaign Against Illegal Deductions in the Food Service Sector

Conflict at Azteca Bar inspiration for wider campaign.

Manchester Class Struggle Forum #6 - Class Struggle In China

The next meeting of the Manchester Class Struggle Forum will take place on the subject of class struggle in China.