Recent events in China (July)

Taxis strikes, environmental protests, sit-ins and the aftermath of other events previously reported on libcom.

Sources for news on Asia

I'm going to be posting links to news from Asia (mainly China and Taiwan) for me or others to write up later. For reference, here is a list of sources I currently use to find news.

Goldacre: 'Argument is about capitalism, not food '

organic food

Ben Goldacre points to the analogies between the 'organic' food argument and the BigPharma vs homeopathy/'alternative medicine' - mainly that all niches will be filled under capitalism.

I blame the parents!

Popular media coverage often lays the blame for youth problems at the feet of parents. New report shows that contrary to received opinion, parents actually take greater interest in what their kids are up to now and monitor their activities more.

State of Play, directed by Kevin Macdonald

State of Play’s pretensions to contemporary relevance break down into a bungled bog-standard retro-romp, finds Tom Jennings

Impressions on the commute

For the last three months I've been spending a good portion of my time in commute-land, a rattling, faded bastion of middle-class conservatism and low-level lebensraum crammed into the 08.30 from Norwich to London.

Hopefully, this is soon to come to a blessed end and I can start waking up in a London bed, with London traffic and London impoliteness to look forward to as I make the jump from Suffolk buh to City cynic. Which makes this a good time to have a think about exactly what I learned on the trip down.

In the Loop, directed by Armando Iannucci

Venturing out of Westminster reveals the limits of The Thick Of It’s satire, concludes Tom Jennings

Endgame, written by Paula Milne, Channel 4

Fact-based South African television drama? Emphatically not, says Tom Jennings

MMA and straightedge - nazis fuck off

Don't you hate it when you're into stuff and complete pieces of shit are into it too?

Hoax academic articles, media meddling, and problems with 'open access' as it exists.

Some recent hoax articles are demonstrating the flaws in the control of information and particularly academic publishing. A recent hoax demonstrates that, so long as you are willing to pay, you can get anything published, even computer generated mumbo-jumbo. And if you can't pay, you either don't publish, or the company owns the product of your labour. Open access isn't as open as it seems.

Five Minutes of Heaven, by Guy Hibbert, BBC 2

Tom Jennings is disappointed, but not surprised, at this drama reducing the legacy of the North of Ireland Troubles to personal therapeutics.

The Wire, by David Simon and Ed Burns, BBC 2

Tom Jennings endorses the accolades accorded to ground-breaking American TV drama The Wire – but with reservations.

The Red Riding trilogy, based on novels by David Peace, Channel 4

Tom Jennings detects much of the hellish intensity of David Peace’s ‘Yorkshire noir’ in Red Riding[’s television adaptations, but with its most subversive elements lost

Acpo chief, you're one low-expectation-having motherf*cker.

A quote piece by the Times from Sir Ken Jones, head of the Association of Chief Police Officers reminded me of Chris Rock's most famous, and funny skit.

Ben Goldacre 'Steal This Chapter'

Steal This Chapter

Joseph K's 'favourite liberal', NHS doctor and science writer Ben Goldacre has written about bullshit medical research, bogus science reporting, the placebo effect, and everything else from postmodernism to evolutionary psychology.

Not-so-fat cats: How the rich got thin

I came across an interesting Daily Mail article today (yes it does happen occasionally), which says that fat women are unfairly excluded from top jobs. Now the idea that sexism exists in the workplace, particularly at higher levels, is a bit of a no-brainer, but it got me thinking... joins International Communist Current [April fools]

Today, as the international bourgeoisie comes together at the G20 conference, we can inform our readers with happiness of a great coming together of the international proletariat, because as a result of deep discussions held with patience over the past two years the libcom group have been integrated into the International Communist Current and formed the online editorial section of the ICC internationally.

Anarchist literature and distribution

Distribution of anarchist literature has been a major difficulty for decades, and recent improvements to a range of products has repeatedly been held back by this fact. what can we do about it?

The Dream of Fluxus, by George Macuinas

The Baltic’s recent Fluxus show can’t entirely conceal the radical ambition and potential of avant-garde art, finds Tom Jennings.

Amber Films and UK social-realist cinema

Tom Jennings questions the documentary claims of film fictions of lower-class life.