A brief account of Unison's national conference, 2008

A critical account of the 2008 Unison national delegate conference by libcom group member Steven Johns, analysing how the union's bureaucracy systematically attempts to remove control of the union from its rank and file and also looking at the response to the from the union's left-wing.

Forthcomin Attractions September - November 2008

A selection of titles being distributed in the UK by Turnaround, due to be published between September - November 2008

plus a couple of other recent releases.

libcom on wordle

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Those poor soldiers

Apparently, if you compare the wages of soldiers with traffic wardens the poor old grunts come off worse, according to the head of the armed forces General Sir Richard Dannatt.

Projectile debating

This post is coming a little later than would be usual, as I just took my first proper (non-anarchist-related) break in what seems like ages after Projectile finished and only just got back from it.

Vol2 of Global Fire released

CONTENT NOTE: In 2015 it came to light that one of the authors of this work, Michael Schmidt, has advocated merging anarchist and white supremacist ideas both privately under his own name and publicly under pseudonyms. We are not aware of such themes in this work but readers should be advised.

Against the State

new book from Crispin Sartwell

New book on Herbert Read

New book from Freedom Press!

ChristieBooks Films 2008 updates and news

Latest items at the start of the thread

Citizen journalism

CNN are close to launching a new website called iReport dedicated to ‘citizen journalism’ (a media term for non-professionals who report and write the news). The citizen journalist has been a topic of heavy debate across many sections of the media, particularly in the NUJ where it is considered a threat to the standards and reputation of the industry.

New site feature: edit tab for all users

9 Songs, dir. Michael Winterbottom, 2005. Film review

Review of 9 Songs, the ‘dirtiest film ever shown in Britain’.

Demanding the Impossible

New edition of the history of anarchism by Peter Marshall

Class struggle by email

Why are email campaigns over industrial disputes making an impact?

Anarchism and Authority

A Philosophical Introduction to Classical Anarchism
Paul McLaughlin

Anarchism, revolution and reaction

Catalan Labor and the Crisis of the Spanish State, 1898-1923

newish book by Angel Smith

News comparisons - start of 2008

A while back I did a story count exploring how much the mainstream media actually writes in comparison to anarchist press and online. So, having done a Freedom revamp with more stuff levered in, and as an exercise to see how online is doing in terms of story count, I thought I'd revisit the subject...

Forthcoming Attractions – February - May 2008

A selection of UK and US books to be distributed by Turnaround in the UK, that may be of interest.

Freedom Deadlines

We're going A4

It looks like our first Freedom of the year is going to be one of those issues.