France: not as inefficient as post-Thatcher Britain

As is often the case when large-scale strikes break out, those deeply professional people in the mainstream press have been sitting on the fence as neutral reporters of the news.

Updates from Nanterre

Some of today's events at Nanterre

Unstable universalities - Poststructuralism and radical politics

New book by Saul Newman

Nanterre strike leaflet

A translation of a leaflet distributed by students involved in the strike action and blockades.

Nicolas Walter book launch

Monday 10 December - 7.00pm

My fave libertarian socialist books (or books close to it)

Why not eh?

General meeting at Nanterre

This is a translation of a flyer produced by Nanterre students.

Free to do.. what?

True individual freedom is a fantasy in a world of billions.

Assemblée générale at Nanterre

This is a translation of a report of the Assemblée générale held at Nanterre, issued by the student group AGEN (general association of students of Nanterre)

mandated, recallable delegates

Forthcoming Attractions – January 2008

Some books that may or may not be of interest that are due to be distributed by Turnaround Publisher Services as of January 2008 in the UK

Beer and Revolution

The German Anarchist Movement in New York City, 1880-1914
Tom Goyens

Christie Films - new titles

A thread for all new items announced by ChristieFilms

(newest items at top of thread)

Forthcoming Attractions – December 2007

A selection of books due to be made available in December 2007 by Turnaround in the UK

The latest issue of the electronic journal Belphégor (Vol. VI, no.2) released

Special issue on: Anarchism and Mass Literature

Although mainly in French this has some articles in English as well.

France: employment law ruled to be in breach of international law

The Appeal Court in Paris has ruled that the CNE is in violation of international employment law.

Forthcoming Attractions – November 2007

A selection of goodies due to be published and distributed by Turnaround in the UK in November 2007.

Forthcoming Attractions – October 2007

Some more goodies being distributed by Turnaround in the UK.
(some UK and some US titles)

Short Order Frame Up

New anti-racist fiction title from Ron Jacobs

Lucifer - The Light Bearer

Selections from a turn of the 20th century US anarchist / sexual freedom magazine