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Agitation and analysis from a writer and Solidarity Federation member in the UK.

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Afro Marxist

Critical analysis with clear explanations about events and issues that matter
Twitter @Afro_Marxist


Topical comment and analysis from Poland.

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Never be deceived that the rich will permit you to vote away their wealth.
Finance. Economics. Ecology. Communism.

Amongst the Elder

The writings of those living amongst these Elder trees come from the daily reality of occupying private property, land which doesn’t belong to us, land that is a common treasury for all. Within this existence, we work clandestinely, employing direct action to expose the fragility of capital and its upholders in our locality.

Our politics is one that attempts to prefigure the world we want to see, creating alternatives to waged labour, capitalist logic and ecological destruction. At the same time, we see the benefit of organising on an antagonistic footing, with targeted strikes against capital, using the mainstream media as well as our own to inspire debate and empower anti-capitalist struggles around the world. Living in, against and beyond this economic system, a balance must be struck in dealings with capitalist or state institutions.

Rather than create political identities and thus drawing lines of division, we seek connections and similarities with ordinary people who rebel against the logic of money in their daily activity. We draw inspiration from mothers who do not wait for the abolishment of private property, but occupy vacant
buildings to make homes and crèches; school teachers who, over worked and fed up with the commodification of education, foster moments in the classroom that illuminate a world beyond the pursuit of money or a career; residents who do not accept the closure of their local library after exhausting legal, conventional civic means, and so instead occupy it and run it themselves. Without waiting for permission or making demands we simply assert our vision of the world.

This vision of the world is against any idea of a totality, but rather a future of alternative post capitalist worlds. The drive towards self-determination for those living amongst the Elder is exploratory, drawing inspiration form the Zapatista principle: ‘preguntando caminamos’, ‘asking we walk’. We don’t have all the answers. We are still learning and always will be. Employing horizontal structures using consensus decision making, we acknowledge our democracy is a dynamic, evolving process, always to be worked and reworked, always ready to accept we took the wrong

This land, inhabited by Elder, one of our most cherished native trees, for healing and nourishment, provides a spiritual protection for humans and nature alike. Much like the interconnectedness of life on earth, our words, our creative doing is interwoven with their being; an eviction would spell the same fate for our community and the Elder. For now, the Elder are flourishing, growing through the remnants of derelict structures; inspiration for how we must search for light amongst the rubble of

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Liverpool-based anarchist blogging on whatever comes to mind

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AnarchoWinter is my personal blog where I post the political articles I write. My views are those of Libertarian Communism, Anarcho-Syndicalism, and Trans Anarcha-Feminism / Queer Anarchism. I consider myself influenced by Council Communism, Libertarian Marxism (Daniel Guerin), and Platformism.

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Angry Language Brigade

Analysis, discussion, personal accounts and callouts relating to the life and struggles of those employed in private language schools.


AngryWorkers are a UK-wide network of comrades who want to support independent working class action and the re-constitution of internationalist communist politics - if you want to get involved, get in touch!

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Exploring dystopias and utopias. Attempting to find paths from the former to the latter.

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Bandilang Itim

Magkaugnay ang ating Pakikibaka ⚫ Towards Anarchy in the Archipelago ⚫ Para sa pagpapalawig ng kaisipan ng kalayaan ⚫Bandilang Itim aims to be a banner that rallies together anarchists and libertarians in the archipelago known as the Philippines.

Bandilang Itim publishes a libertarian perspective on politics and social issues in the archipelago. Para sa pagpapalawig ng kaisipan ng kalayaan.

Bandilang Itim” is Tagalog for “Black Flag.”

See our main website as well on noblogs or follow us at @BandilangItimPH.

For submissions, republishing, or other concerns, contact us at our website.

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Comment and analysis from a radical sex worker based in Australia.

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China-based blog reporting on class struggles in the region as well as writing the odd non-China related piece.

Caiman del Barrio

Analysis focussed on Latin America, and casual work in London.

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Chilli Sauce

Thoughts on workplace organising, troublemaking, and even the occasional interview, all from the perspective of an insurgent education worker.

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Science teacher

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Cindy Milstein

Anarchist comment and analysis from North America.

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Class War U

Blog of the Class War University.

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Collective Action

Collective Action is an association of anarchist communists based in Britain. We see anarchist communism as an engaged tradition of working class socialism and our theory is informed by both our experience and our continuing participation in social struggles. Our project is to re-visit our political tradition, re-group and re-kindle our political action.

Combat Bedroom Tax

A blog for organising against the UK bedroom tax.

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A sixth form student focuses on political goings on at their college.

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Newcastle based precarious zero hour contracted worker and D.I.Y noisemaker. Currently toiling as a call centre grunt.

Blogging on precarious work and radical underground culture.

Dual carder in SolFed and AFed.


Dispatches from Brazil in revolt

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Analysis of the far-right and debunking myths about claimants, the public sector and more.

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Dispatches from Turkey in revolt

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Eviction Free Zone

Blog following the growing housing movements international, looking at local and national stories and issues. A look at organizing around housing and land issues, videos of active campaigns, stories of fighters on the ground and in their homes, and notes on resistance in all its forms.

The blog will pay special attention to anti-foreclosure and anti-eviction work, including movements such as Take Back the Land, Solidarity Networks, and Occupy Our Homes. I will also be looking at the intersection of labor and housing, as well as housing issues extending into other media and art.

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Occasional blog on economics, international political economy, value and its abolition, with the odd bit of left wing arcana and some other random stuff.

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ideas and action

ideas & action is the publication of Workers Solidarity Alliance, an anti-capitalist, anti-authoritarian organization of activists who believe that working people can build a new society and a better world based on the principles of solidarity and self-management.

Along with numerous stand-alone pieces ideas & action currently features three regular series:

Labor Shorts is a regular column digesting recent labor news

International Profiles is an occasional series looking at groups, organizations and revolutionary unions outside North America. It is hoped that the series will help the reader develop a deeper appreciation of political currents and revolutionary unions worldwide

Organizing Stories is a semi-regular series collecting experiences and examining organizing efforts in the hope of providing some lessons for the future

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Internationalist Communist Tendency

Blog of the Internationalist Communist Tendency.

We are for the party, but we are not the party or its only embryo. Our task is to participate in its construction, intervening in all the struggles of the class, trying to link its immediate demands to the historical programme; communism.

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Is There No Alternative

Is There No Alternative is a collective blog focused on filling out gaps in the Australasian discourse with criticism from a communist perspective of capitalist social relations and their reproduction, especially in their more recuperative and mediatory forms.

Is There No Alternative acknowledges the custodians of the land it is written on, the Gadigal people of the Eora nation, and that sovereignty was never ceded. This blog also respects Elders past, present and future and supports the continuing First Nations struggles for self-determination and land sovereignty.

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This is an extension of my main blog:

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IWW Europe

Blog for the revolutionary union Industrial Workers of the World in Europe.

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Jacques Roux

Notes on architecture, urbanism etc.

Jambon Bertolli

Comment and analysis from London

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jef costello

Jef Costello is a libertarian communist teacher blogging occasionally about education, France and other bits and pieces.

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Anarchist-communist analysis.

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Joseph Kay

[Blog dormant - mainly now blogs with Out of the Woods.]

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Juan Conatz

Guy in Chicago writing about work and organizing mostly.

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Collective account of the group. The blog is used mainly for announcements about the site, such as new features and traffic statistics.

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Analyzes immigration detention and immigration restrictions in the United States.

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Liberté Locke

A barista from New York City, and an organiser with the IWW Starbucks Workers Union.

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Working in the healthcare sector. Member of the Solidarity Federation.

Mèo Mun

Mèo Mun là một nhóm người Việt Vô trị có mục tiêu chia sẻ tư liệu và kiến thức về Chủ nghĩa Vô trị với bạn đọc Việt Nam. Ngoài ra, chúng mình cũng phân tích các vấn đề xã hội qua góc nhìn của người Vô trị Việt Nam.
Liên hệ với chúng mình qua email:
Theo dõi chúng mình trên twitter: @AdventuresOfMun

Mèo Mun is a Vietnamese anarchist collective working to make anarchist ideas and writing more accessible to Vietnamese speakers, and provide an analysis of social struggles from a Vietnamese anarchist perspective.
For other inquiries:
Follow us on Twitter: @AdventuresOfMun

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Nào (闹) is unrest, noise, uproar. It stands for the proletarian troublemakers, for the revolts of peasants, workers and the unemployed against expropriation, exploitation and exclusion.

Chāi (拆) is the character of the regime. The state's demolition squads paint it on houses to tell the inhabitants to move out. It stands for the destruction not only of houses but of the preexisting social fabric.

This destruction and these revolts lead to the formation of a new social power. Investigations and analysis of this dual process will be the focus of this multilingual blog, Nào. We will irregularly post translations, reports and comments on China-related news, books, films, etc., along with reposts of sources we recommend.

For background on China, please see our lists of recommended articles, books, films, and websites here. (Updated October 21, 2014.)

Featured posts on Nào blog:
* The poetry and brief life of a Foxconn worker: Xu Lizhi (1990-2014)
* Twenty-five years since the Tiananmen protests: Legacies of the student-worker divide
* The new strikes in China
* New foundations for struggle and solidarity: The culmination of development and privatization on a Guangzhou Island
* Black vs. Yellow: Class Antagonism and Hong Kong’s Umbrella Movement
* The student parliament: reflections on the Sunflower movement
* Chinese peasant struggles from 1959 to 2013

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I'm an IWW member living in the U.S. Midwest, writing about politics and questions I'm trying to think through. I'm also part of the editorial crew at Recomposition.

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Omar Ibrahim March 26th Anti-Cuts Prisoner

Omar Ibrahim was imprisoned after the March 26th anti-cuts demo in London. This is his blog.

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Autonomist Marxist and nurse practitioner. Mainly writes about the IWW, queer liberation, materialist feminism, and caregiving labor.

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Out of the Woods

A collaborative blog investigating capitalism and climate change.

Behind this blog is a loose collective. We don’t have any agreed positions or perspectives, beyond thinking that climate change is a vital area of investigation. Some of us are scientifically trained, but none of us are experts in climate science or environmental policy. We are learning as we go.

Out of the Wood is committed to and expects accountability. Our procedure for raising accountability concerns is outlined here;

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Thoughts and reflections of a class-struggle anarchist and antifascist from Liverpool, England.

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Poe Man's Dreams

A blog about experiencing 'the struggle' in the American midwest.

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One of the libcom admins. Anthropology, welfare, and full communism from an Edinburgh-based social care worker, occasional teaching assistant, and perpetual feminist killjoy.

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'Recomposition: Notes for a New Workerism', a blog run by a group of people involved in the Industrial Workers of the World and anarchist political organizations in North America.

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Providing analysis and criticism (mostly criticism).

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Rob Ray

Media, journalism, and comment from a London-based journalist.


The blog of Peter Storm from the Netherlands, containing libertarian communist news and views on international events.


Rosa Soros is a writer, agitator and revolutionary communist.


Thoughts on anarchist communism, organisation and more from Miami, Florida

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Musings on life, work and struggle within the 'aristocracy of labor'.

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SJZC = “世界之窗”。这个历史文库的宗旨在于,收集世界各地各个年代阶级斗争经验的中文报告和分析,希望有助于今日华语世界无产者的行动自学。欢迎投稿:sjzc [at]

This archive ("Window to the World") collects Chinese accounts & analysis of class struggle from various times & places throughout the global history of capitalism, hoping these resources will contribute to the self-education of Chinese-speaking proletarians in our own struggles today. Submissions welcome: sjzc [at]

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sometimes explode

Mental health nurse blogging on anti-psychiatry. Short critical introductions to key figures, events, and ideas of the past and present. Notes towards the second wave of anti-psychiatry.

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Monthly round-ups of the class struggle in East Asia.

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cursory notes on political images, propaganda and digital culture

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Steven is a council worker and admin, blogging mostly about workplace organising, public sector struggles and trying to avoid work as much as possible.

You can find him on Facebook here, or on Twitter here.

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Struggles in Sweden

This blog will publish English-language material on worker, feminist, environmental, student and antifascist struggles in Sweden.

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Struggles in Italy provides information in English, Spanish, and French on current struggles in Italy. It strives to give an international echo to Italian social movements, and to promote information and awareness in languages other than Italian. It aims to be as transparent as possible about our sources and we expect our readers to do the same.
Struggles In Italy licensed under a Media Commons license: so take and share whatever you want, but, please, do cite it.

Struggles in Italy is also on Twitter, Youtube, Tumblr, and Facebook.

You can read more about Struggles in Italy and its aims here.

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Supply Chain Research

One of the forms in which the working class exists today is at the various nodal points along global supply chains. Our project uses a class analysis to articulate how changes in the sites and methods of production – à la Beverly Silver's Forces of Production – affect the class composition of the global proletariat, towards the end of building worker-to-worker networks that encourage working class self-activity that's cross-sectoral and internationalist.


The project's precursor was an informal group formed in San Francisco, California in the aftermath of the events of September 11, 2001. It continued to meet for several years, with some later going on to create other ultra-left/left communist groups. The original purpose was to research changes in the world political economy; one subgroup studied Islamism and the changes in geopolitical inter-capitalist tensions; the other subgroup researched and attempted to intervene in class struggle. In October 2012 we regrouped as the Global Supply Chains class when we helped co-found the Bay Area Public School.


Capitalism relies on an integrated infrastructure of production clusters and transportation networks, comprised of ports, warehouses, rail lines, highways, information grids and investment vehicles in order to produce and circulate goods. The physical nodes are arrayed in clusters of factories, warehouses, logistics services, and retail, all tied together by maritime, rail, trucking, and telecom networks. This global “factory without walls” allows capitalists to scour the planet for the cheapest and most compliant labor, externalizing costs of its maintenance onto the working class -- or the environment. These networks generate flows of commodities and information with ever-increasing speed, as the system strives for just-in-time production and inventory-less distribution for a unified global market. Our project demonstrates how these nodes, clusters, networks, corridors and flows are interconnected within an integrated system of production, distribution and consumption.

Supply chains are vulnerable and our goal is to identify where working class solidarity has the greatest possibility to spread up and down the chain, across sectors, borders – and even oceans. In providing useful and accessible real time information about conflicts along global supply chains, we aim to facilitate class-based collective action that forges connections and solidarity among related struggles. Our ultimate vision is a world beyond capitalist production and supply chains.


One of our public activities has been conducting these "thought experiments," where workers model strikes that extended across sectors, go beyond geographical limitations, and across international borders. In our experience, the ideal outcome is further questions, rather than facile answers. Find examples of these inquiries by searching through our blog here on libcom.


Global Supply Chains Research's study group continues to meet every other week (in San Francisco) and maintains an e-mail list of contacts throughout the world. If you support internationalist class struggle and are interested in joining the project, please contact us.


A Sideways Look at topical issues from an anarchist perspective

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The Free Association

The Free Association is an ongoing experiment. We’re loosely based in Leeds, in the north of the UK, although we find ourselves at home nowhere (and everywhere). Sometimes we appear to be tight-knit, acting and thinking in close concert with each other. At other times we’re more of a loose network, expanding and contracting as the need arises. A reading group, a writing machine, an affinity group…

On this site you can find our blog which is an irregular commentary, a kind of thinking-out-loud. See for articles, downloads and our book, Moments of Excess.

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Liverpool-based anarcho-syndicalist, SolFed member and Ryanair Don't Care campaigner. Blogging thoughts on anarchism and working class history.


News and analysis from crisis-racked Greece.

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Tom Jennings

UK radical cultural critic analysing different elements within popular culture.

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With Sober Senses

With Sober Senses is a new project in which I am trying to reorientate my research and writing towards mapping out the territory of capital accumulation with Australia, in a way I hope will reach a larger audience and may be useful for those trying to understand and change the society they live in and make up.

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working class self organisation

UK based anarchist writing about whatever tickles his fancy.