Article editing guide

Information and guidance on how and why you should edit articles on

You may have noticed that most articles on have an "edit" button above them.

This is so that our users can help us improve the site, and fix any errors.

To edit in article, just click edit, then make the required changes, in the revisions information box enter the information about what you have changed, for example "fixed typos" and click "save". Your edits will then go into a moderation queue, to be approved by administrators.

Here is some quick guidance on the type of edits which we hope people will make, and which can improve the site and its utility to our users.

- fixing typos
- fixing errors in the text, for example if some text is missing, or if it is a scanned text with some mistakes in it and you have a copy of the original text so that you can correct them. If there is an error in the text, such as a date or place is wrong then it may or may not be appropriate to just fix it directly. Example, if it is an old historical text and the original author made a mistake then it would be more appropriate to add a footnote explaining that the error is in the original. However, for news articles these can just be corrected. Ask in the comment section below the article if you are not sure.
- adding images. If the text does not have an image attached to it, please feel free to add an appropriate one. Or attach and add images throughout the text if you have the time.
- adding hyperlinks to other content on This is something we would really appreciate. If a reference in one article is made to an individual, event, country, organisation or whatever else that we have content elsewhere on, please turn the relevant words into a hyperlink to the relevant page. If there is a tag for the keyword then that would be the best page to direct people to. For example:

Maria fought in the Durruti Column (named after Buenaventura Durruti) in the Spanish civil war...

Ideally this would be edited to:

Maria fought in the Durruti Column (named after Buenaventura Durruti ) in the Spanish civil war...

- editing articles to match our style guide. If any articles or badly formatted, or don't match our style guide please feel free to fix them up and make them look nice.
- entering new style footnotes. Any footnotes written with text like [1] please feel free to replace them with the new style nicely formatted footnotes like this1. There is still a slight bug with these notes, so they may look funny initially, but just post a comment below the article saying this has happened and an administrator will fix it.
- entering PDF documents as text. We have quite a few PDF documents in our library, many of them are here. However, we much prefer to have documents in text format on our site. This means we can add links between articles, and also articles are easier to search for on libcom and from Google. So if you have the time to copy the text from PDF documents and paste them up in the body field of their existing article pages it would be very much appreciated. You can leave the original PDF attached to the article.

Many thanks for any help you give us - and any questions please feel free to e-mail us or ask in feedback and content forum.

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