The guillotine at work, part 1: the Leninist counter-revolution

Originally published in 1940 in two parts, this is the (partly eyewitness) account of the Leninist terror inflicted upon Russia during the revolution after 1917.

Exiled, he wrote this incredible volume. Over the course of nearly 400 pages, he recounts not only the Leninist terror and reaction against the popular revolution, but shows how the actions of Stalin followed deliberately in his master, and mentor's footsteps.

Attach below is both an original version PDF, published by the Alexander Berkman Fund, and a PDF of the Cienfuegos Press version.

The Guillotine at Work, Vol. 1_ - Maximoff, Gregory Petrovitch.mobi692.83 KB
The Guillotine at Work, Vol. R_ - Maximoff, Gregory Petrovitch.epub406.88 KB
The Guillotine at Work, Vol. R_ - Cienfuegos press version.pdf1.36 MB
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