The One Big Union Monthly (September 1919)

The September 1919 issue of The One Big Union Monthly

-Our prisoners and defense work
-Add your protest by C.W. Anderson
-A letter from our attorney on the Wichita case
-General strike in behalf od all class war prisoners
-AF of L coal miners rush to the aid of IWW prisoners
-The merits of legal defense by Forrest Edwards
-Courts and direct action by William Clark
-Canadian workers in death grapple of capitalism
-Supplemental report of bail matters
-An explanation to contributers
-Two secret letters
-The exodus from Egypt, Moses and the IWW by John Sandgreen
-Reconstruction: a working class presentation of some of its problems by Justus Ebert
-The construction of the world on the basis of industrial democracy by J.L. and F.B.
-The industrial age by Covington Ami
-An open letter to construction workers
-The coal mining industry by Delegates M-120 and M-659
-A vision of the future by Robert G. Ingersoll
-The realism of the Bolsheviki by John Gabriel Soltis
-Compromising with the left wing by PH. Kurinsky
-The story of the IWW by Harold Lord Varney
-Southern conditions by Covington Ami.
-An appeal to the membership by George Adlercrants
-Craft unionism must go! by Frederick A. Blossom
-The story of No. 400 by Mat K. Fox
-Agricultural Workers Industrial Union No. 400, IWW by D.N. Simpson and Mat K. Fox
-Financial statement, AWIU No. 400, IWW, for month of July 1919
-Metal and Machinery Workers IU No. 300, IWW by Harold Lord Varney
-Construction Workers Industrial Union No. 573, IWW
-Marine Transport Workers Industrial Union No. 8, IWW financial statement
-Hotel, Restuarant and Domestic Workers IU No. 1100, IWW financial statement
-Railroad Workers Industrial Union No. 600, IWW report and financial statement
-Shipbuilding Workers Industrial Union No. 325, IWW financial statement
-Industrial Workers of the World: general office bulletin

Taken from CDs of JPG scans created by San Francisco General Membership Branch of the IWW
CDs provided courtesy of Nate Hawthorne/Twin Cities IWW Archives