Politics (August 1946)

Cover (pag. 217)
Macdonald, Dwight. The story of Cyprus (with notes on Labor imperialism in Greece, Egypt and Palestine) (pagg. 217-225)
Harnett, Edward. The diary of the indoctrination commentator (pagg. 225-226)
Hasseck, Martin. English letter: Bevin at Bournemouth (pagg. 226-227)
Laurat, Lucien. Why european socialists look to America (pagg. 228-229)
Tucci, Niccolò. The streetcar is man (pagg. 229-230)
Bendiner, Burton. Labor's managerial ambitions (pagg. 230-231)
Woodcock, George. The english community movement (pagg. 231-233)
Ciliga, Anton. A talk with Lenin in Stalin's prison (pagg. 234-241)
Hirsch, Helmut. What is Roosevelt College? (pagg. 241-242)
McKenzie, Dorothy. Popular Culture. The time the Lady Writer imagined me (pagg. 242-244)
Atomic bombs, Union made - some letters with a comment by the Editor (pagg. 245-247)
Dryden, Theodore. Periodicals. "Report on the negro soldier" (pagg. 247-248)
Dryden, Theodore. Periodicals. "The new russian imperialism - its economic policy and aims in the occupied countries" (pag. 248)
Dryden, Theodore. Periodicals. "The Jewish delicatessen: the evolution of an institution" (pag. 248)
Dryden, Theodore. Periodicals. "The conservative South, a political myth" (pag. 248)
Dryden, Theodore. Periodicals. "Literature as an institution" (pagg. 248-249)
Dryden, Theodore. Periodicals. "Attitudes towards Soviet Russia"; "Favorable and unfavorable attitudes toward certain enemy and allied countries" (pag. 249)
Subotsky, Milton. New roads in Politics. Discussion (pagg. 249-250)
Marquart, Frank. New roads in Politics. Discussion (pagg. 251-253)
Knight, Damon. New roads in Politics. Discussion (pagg. 253-254)
(Dely X). The intelligence office. Letter from Austria (pag. 254)
Demaziere, Albert. The intelligence office. The Blasco murder (pagg. 254-255)
The intelligence office (pag. 255)
Contributors (pag. 256)

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