Midnight Notes #10 (1990) – New Enclosures

Issue 10 of the autonomist journal Midnight Notes.


Introduction to the New Enclosures

The Debt Crisis, Africa and the New Enclosures.

Holding the Green Line: Israel and Ecological Imperialism.

Notes on the Origin of The Debt Crisis.

The Debt Crisis, Africa and the New Enclosures

Inscrutable China: Reading Struggles Through the Media

On Africa and Self-Reproducing Automata

The Struggle Against Enclosures in Jay, Maine

Africa in Boston: A Critical Analysis of Mandela, Massachusetts

Land.Wealth and Self-Determination in the Lower East Side

Current Land Struggles in Zurich or Ideas to Transform a Neighborhood

Jubilating; Or, How the Atlantic Working Class Used the Biblical Jubilee Against Capitalism with Some Success

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