Red Attitude

A partial archive of Red Attitude, a Manchester United fanzine produced by supporters of Anti Fascist Action. Taken from the collection at the Anti-Fascist Archive. See also a collection of similar zines from Leeds United fans here.

Disclaimer: while Red Attitude took a clearly anti-fascist and anti-oppression stance overall, it was a publication designed to appeal to football fans in the 1990s, and so in places displays a degree of "90s lad culture"-style sexism and similar attitudes.

Red Attitude #12: February-March 1997

Issue #12 of Red Attitude. With match reports, fanzine reviews, an interview with Dessy Noonan, a letter from an imprisoned fan, part of a series on the 1990s Strangeways prison uprising, obituaries, book reviews, an article on Combat 18, letters, the success of Jorg Haider's far-right party in Austria and more.

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Red Attitude #15: September-October 1997

Issue #15 of Red Attitude, with a column by Dessy Noonan, an article on the behaviour of United's security team, the death of racist psychologist Hans Eysenck, a history of Italian ultras, a letter from an incarcerated United supporter, match reports, a guide to fans' rights, reviews, an article on Manchester and the Spanish Civil War, AFA news, European news with a profile of Feyenoord Fans Against Racism, Robbie Fowler and the Liverpool dockers' dispute, and more.

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Red Attitude #16: December 1997

Issue #16 of Red Attitude, with articles exposing a disgraced cop becoming head of security for United, a column by Dessy Noonan, the final part of a series about Italian ultras and racism in Italian football, more news on police brutality, fan resistance to the increasingly regimented football experience, match reports, an indepth article on clashes between United fans and the Portugese police, reviews, the limits of top-down anti-racist campaigns, an attempt by the National Front to return to the streets of Dover, and more.

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Red Attitude #17: January 1998

Issue #17 of Red Attitude, with articles on crowd control and Hillsborough, the Dessy Noonan column, a letter from an incarcerated United supporter, match reports, more coverage of the security team, the Charlton Athletic fans who contested local elections as the Valley Party, North London residents challenging the local Labour council's support for an expanded Arsenal stadium, reviews, local and national AFA news, and more.

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Red Attitude #18: February-March 1998

Issue #18 of Red Attitude, with articles on a trip to Monte Carlo, the Football Task Force, racism at Leeds United (including a critique of Leeds anti-racist zine Marching Altogether), the limitations of Kick Racism Out Of Football and the idea of anti-racist campaigns backed by the Daily Express, Chumbawamba soaking John Prescott, the Dessy Noonan column, match reports, the environmental objections to United building a training ground on a greenfield site in Cheshire, reviews, updates from the Independent Man United Supporters Association, Celtic Fans Against Fascism, some comments on Combat 18, AFA Ireland and more.

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Red Attitude #19: August 1998

Issue #19 of Red Attitude, with extensive coverage of the 1998 world cup and the backlash against David Beckham, Sky television and pay-per-view profiteering, a call for a Europe-wide fan protest against UEFA banning standing, daft football merchandise, English hooliganism in France, racism and the Lawrence enquiry, a profile of the antifascist ultras group Ultramarines Bordeaux, Oldham Athletic fans organising a boycott of the club's owners, the Dessy Noonan column, a letter from incarcerated columnist Eric Allison, reviews, reports from Wigan AFA and more.

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Red Attitude #20: October 1998

Issue #20 of Red Attitude, featuring extensive coverage of Murdoch's BSkyB takeover bid and fan resistance, United dropping the words "football club" from their branding, match reports, a letter from incarcerated columnist Eric Allison, the Dessy Noonan column, the arrest of General Pinochet, an Australian rugby fan fighting Murdoch's influence over that sport, updates from the Independent Manchester United Supporters' Association, the Murdoch press' outing of Peter Mandelson, and more.

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