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Chagos refugees will not be able to return to their homeland, which is now a US airbase.
by TheLateHarambe on Feb 15 2018 00:17
The U.S. Policy On the Korean Peninsula: Threats and Opportunities
by wicksrogerwarrior on Feb 12 2018 08:49
NPA is just a new hierarchy, so don't glorify it, but condemn it
by RigntfulEmperor on Feb 8 2018 23:33
Rape Crisis
by Noah Fence on Feb 8 2018 15:44
Donald Trump decides to extend the life of Guantanamo Bay: an illegal offshore torture centre.
by TheLateHarambe on Feb 1 2018 20:41
North America
How America used then left Rojava to the disposal of Erdoğan’s increasingly authoritarian domain.
by TheLateHarambe on Feb 1 2018 20:36
Middle East
Photo library
by kullboys on Feb 1 2018 08:00
Statements of support needed for Tariq Khan, historian and anarchist hounded by Turning Point USA
by Jared on Jan 31 2018 20:11
No to war, No to dictators and States, No to corporations, No to religions, No to nationalism!
by KAF on Jan 30 2018 15:51
Anarchist YouTube Channels
by AnarchoWinter on Jan 29 2018 07:48
Fuck democracy! An anti-democratic reading list.
by Craftwork on Jan 25 2018 20:01
More airstrikes on civilians in Yemen
by TheLateHarambe on Jan 23 2018 23:38
Middle East
Free Association of German Unions (FVDG), and paid staff
by syndicalist on Jan 23 2018 23:11
The US and Saudi Arabia funded ISIS.
by TheLateHarambe on Jan 23 2018 16:39
Leicester Meeting - Nation or Class? 23/01/18
by Serge Forward on Jan 20 2018 18:59
New from ideas & action: "From down under in New Zealand/Aoteara…"
by syndicalist on Jan 19 2018 16:42
50th anniversary of May '68
by wojtek on Jan 18 2018 15:22
Front line in the class war: Child Poverty in Leicestershire & Rutland and Leicester City
by Serge Forward on Jan 16 2018 14:47
New from "ideas & action": "Across the Pond: Brighton Solidarity Federation in Action"
by syndicalist on Jan 15 2018 16:13
North America
The Trotskyist León Sedov Brigade in the war in Syria
by Craftwork on Jan 14 2018 22:24