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Pavel Syramolatau is free S2W 2 years 2 weeks ago S2W
A victory in Nizhni Novgorod of Russia - case against anti-fascists was returned to investigation S2W 1 1 year 28 weeks ago S2W
Moscow: Police threaten violence against parents of arrested anti-fascist S2W 1 1 year 48 weeks ago S2W
Moscow court holds first hearing in "antifascist extremist community" case S2W 1 year 48 weeks ago S2W
Moscow anti-fascist may become permanently disabled in pre-trial detention S2W 1 year 47 weeks ago S2W
Russia: police search Kirov anti-fascists' homes in trumped-up case S2W 1 year 46 weeks ago S2W
Police places pressure on relatives and friends of jailed Russian antifascists. Your support is needed S2W 1 year 45 weeks ago S2W
New short films on Belarusian anarchist political prisoners Ihar Alinevich and Mikalaj Dziadok, Mikalaj transferred to high-security prison S2W 1 year 43 weeks ago S2W
Anti-fascists of Kazan, Russia need solidarity! S2W 1 year 43 weeks ago S2W
Two anarchists defending tenants from eviction are arrested in Moscow S2W 1 1 year 38 weeks ago S2W
Violent Squat Eviction in St Petersburg: Three Activists Face 10 Years in Prison S2W 1 1 year 36 weeks ago TheCat
Russia: Navy veterans call for anarchist protester to be released pending court S2W 1 year 32 weeks ago S2W
Write to Finnish anarchist total objector S2W 1 year 30 weeks ago S2W
Police represses anti-fascists on the eve of university championships in Kazan (Russia) S2W 1 year 28 weeks ago S2W
Anarchist activist seriously wounded in a Nazi attack in Kiev of Ukraine S2W 1 year 26 weeks ago S2W
Well-known Russian anti-fascist, Alexey Gaskarov, arrested S2W 4 4 weeks 20 hours ago johnsmatin
Solidarity is needed - please help get Alexey Sutuga out of prison on bail! S2W 1 1 year 17 weeks ago S2W
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Anarchist anti-fascists from Kazan, Russia need your solidarity S2W 1 year 10 weeks ago S2W