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Greek fire: from riot to social rebellion - Collective Reinventions Red Marriott 3 7 years 35 weeks ago Damien Engine
Attempted murder of APPO activist Escarabajo 3 7 years 32 weeks ago Escarabajo
International developments in airport workers' struggles Ed 3 7 years 31 weeks ago Steven.
Israel: northern Israel Railways workers in wildcat strike Tojiah 3 7 years 29 weeks ago Tojiah
Rumours of mass picket at BMW plant in Cowley, Oxford Ed 3 7 years 27 weeks ago Steven.
Riots in Athens and Salonica in solidarity with anarchist on trial taxikipali 3 7 years 24 weeks ago Bartimeus
Prison activist's death sparks uprising in women's prison of Thebe, Greece taxikipali 3 7 years 22 weeks ago Ex-temp
Auckland call centre workers stand strong against lock out and nuclear ship visits Anarchia 3 7 years 21 weeks ago Anarchia
Nurses fired for strike in Poland akai 3 6 years 36 weeks ago akai
Bus worker wildcats spread across Dublin north Anonymous 3 6 years 22 weeks ago Steven.
Okna Rabien: Calluousness and indifference towards workers in the name of profit. akai 3 7 years 17 weeks ago Skips
Tesco threaten to lock out staff in Cork Anonymous 3 7 years 17 weeks ago Alex...
Belfast Visteon workers to vote on new redundancy deal Ed 3 7 years 17 weeks ago Bobby
Flight attendants stand strong against lock out across New Zealand Anarchia 3 7 years 15 weeks ago Steven.
Sacked traffic wardens continue protest in Belfast Choccy 3 7 years 11 weeks ago Choccy
Swansea Linamar workers to strike in support of sacked convenor Choccy 3 7 years 13 weeks ago Armchair Anarchist
Queens University pushing for 150 redundancies Choccy 3 7 years 11 weeks ago Steven.
Energy wildcat strikes spread across UK Ed 3 7 years 10 weeks ago NigelV
Hunger strike and rioting in immigration prisons Django 3 7 years 10 weeks ago Django
Striking oil workers burn dismissal letters Chilli Sauce 3 7 years 9 weeks ago Steven.
Total and unions reach deal on oil refinery wildcats Ed 3 7 years 9 weeks ago oisleep
Italy implements draconian migration laws De 3 6 years 46 weeks ago no1
Fascists attack squat in Athens with Minister of Public Order supervision taxikipali 3 7 years 7 weeks ago Zanturaeon
Chinese workers unpaid and stranded in Warsaw face deportation akai 3 7 years 5 weeks ago akai
Ssangyong occupation update: day four, July 23, 2009 Hieronymous 3 7 years 5 weeks ago FiuFiu