Conference on the coordination of union action in Europe and North Africa, Malaga, 28 - 30 September 2007

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Sep 9 2007 10:00
Conference on the coordination of union action in Europe and North Africa, Malaga, 28 - 30 September 2007

From the CGT-Andalucía website

With this letter we would like to invite you to the “International conference on the coordination of base unionism and social connection in Europe and the Maghreb” organised by the Spanish CGT that will take place in Malaga on 28, 29 and 30 September 2007.

Lately there have been various meetings between different union organisations, as much in the European as in the Euro-Maghrebi or, to put it another way, the Mediterranean sphere. These meetings have had the objective of opposing the current neo-liberal politics. Also, and in parallel to these meetings, a network of relations, information and solidarity actions has been developing between organisations on the northern and southern sides of the Mediterranean, with the common objective of opposing in some form the current neo-liberal politics.

For different reasons, at today’s date, we find ourselves without a space that has the stability necessary to develop action against neo-liberalism that is characterised not only by just demands but also by a union practice independent of institutions, parties and religions etc, by a functioning that is participatory, horizontal and from the base, and by a combative attitude that goes beyond formal declarations.

The organisational side of the conference is already well advanced. It will be held at a hostel in Malaga [ … ] There will be simultaneous translation into English and French during the course of the conference [ … ] The principal objective is not to share long expositions on the different problems, but to achieve a consensus to establish some minimum agreements that will allow us to develop actions in a way that shows a clear and organised response to neo-liberalism.

We hope to see you in Malaga,

Secretariat for International Relations, CGT

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Sep 17 2007 18:59

There's a detailed program for the conference here (in Spanish and French) together with a joint statement by the Spanish CGT and SNAPAP - the National Autonomous Union of Public Administration Staff - from Algeria.

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From the joint statement by SNAPAP and the CGT, originally made in April 2006:

SNAPAP and the CGT wrote:
[ … ] We propose to start the process of creating a network of alternative and autonomous unionism in Europe and the Maghreb which depends only on itself and its objectives of defending the interests of the workers, with this minimum content, understood as a proposal open to debate and participation in:

- the defence of union freedom and the free exercise of union rights, denouncing and mobilising against the violation of union freedoms.
- the struggle against privatisation and the defence of the public.
- the struggle against precarity and labour market flexibility and the degradation of the conditions of work.
- the defence of the rights of immigrant workers in Europe and the Maghreb.
[ … ]

Finally, SNAPAP and the CGT make a call to the whole of the alternative and autonomous union movement in Europe and the Maghreb to build this network, by means of a process based on participation, democracy and mutual aid, that allows us to give a coordinated response, with solidarity, to the situations which the workers live, and whose rights we make a commitment to firmly defend.

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Sep 27 2007 18:56

There's an interesting article in Spanish here about the CGT's involvement in Morocco, giving an overview of social movements, strikes, election boycotts etc.

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Oct 2 2007 18:56

Conference report and pictures here

rojo y negro wrote:
The international conference [‘jornadas de debate’ in Spanish – literally ‘days of discussion’] on the construction of a union space of struggle in the euro-maghrebi ambit, organised by the CGT, was held in Málaga on the 28, 29 and 30 September. About 70 people, representing organisations from France, Italy, Portugal, Spain, Morocco and Algeria, came to Málaga to advance the coordination of the struggles they take part in from day to day. They also had the opportunity to attend interesting workshops on social rights, migration, women, multinationals and land and the environment.

At the end of the conference the organisations present announced the following joint actions:

1. Making the conclusions of these discussions known.
2. Campaign for those arrested in Morocco on 1 May.
3. Campaign for union freedom in Algeria, with the compañeros from SNAPAP to fix a date for a joint presence at the demonstration in Algiers.
4. A joint manifesto for 8 March (International Women’s Day).
5. Actions against unemployment and precarity on 16 May (date of the murder of the ANDCM militant Mustafa El Hanzaoui).
6. Meeting of women trade unionists (summer 2008).
7. Participating specifically in the development of the web pages and the necessary IT utilities for those organisations that need it, so they can take part in this work of sharing information.
8. A permanent campaign against union repression and participation in all the actions aimed at defending the exercise of union freedoms and rights, as in the specific case of the day of struggle against the illegalisation of the CNT-F postal union on 23 October.
9. Campaign of solidarity with the workers at the Jbel Awam mine in Morocco.
10. Support for and spreading the word about the general strike in Italy on 9 November against the social and economic policy of the government and against the agreement signed by the CGIL, CSIL, UIL, the government and business leaders on 23 June 2007.
11. Speaking out in favour of a Mediterranean area where cultural and linguistic diversity are respected and declaring our support for Amazig [Berber] rights being officially recognised and respected.