14th December - Anarchist Solidarity Demonstrations - London

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14th December - Anarchist Solidarity Demonstrations - London

Anarchist Solidarity Demonstrations in London (14/12/08) -- (Please spread the word)

Solidarity with Whitechapel Anarchists!
12noon - Brick Lane, Bethnal Green End

After continued harrasement by the Met Police and following the arrest of anarchists - Whitechapel Anarchists have requested solidarity and support this Sunday from the wider anarchist movement in London. For a background on this see the link: http://whitechapelanarchistgroup.wordpress.com/2008/12/11/police-harassment-on-brick-lane/

"We will be handing out papers on Brick Lane, Bethnal Green Road end, from 12pm. Please come along. Show your support and solidarity against this repressive behaviour. It is important to nip this sort of police oppression in the bud."


Solidarity with Revolt in Greece
14.30 - Daltson (Dalston Lane) Peace Mural, Hackney,

DeMO Against Police Repression in Solidarity with Greek revolt

On Saturday 6th December Greek police killed a 15 year-old boy on the streets of Athens. Since then thousands have taken to the streets, hundreds of police stations, banks and government buildings have been burnt across the country. School and university students have often been leading demonstrations and clashes while widening the social debate through occupying campuses.

Solidarity actions have spread across Europe, Australia and the United States. Embassies have been occupied or burnt and protesters have clashed with police in several cities. Many protesters have been arrested and imprisoned and subjected to police brutality in a systematic and coordinated attack against solidarity movements.

This revolt was a response to the murdering of young Alexandros, releasing the social need to revolt against the police state, and the increasing social and financial repression and exclusion.

Everywhere police repression, harassment, evictions, beatings and killings are the everyday terror of state control. The movement against repression and control is gaining momentum. We call to take this movement to the streets.

On the 14th of December we call for a demonstration at 14:30 at Dalston (Dalston Lane) Peace Mural, Hackney, London.
Ways to get there: From Liverpool Street Station bus 149
By train to Dalston Kingsland Station.
From Central London Buses: 38, 73, 30, 67, 243.

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Those links are broken, did you paste them in right, or is it a problem with libcom? If the latter, we will try to sort out.

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I made the edit - just need to approve it


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i wonder why Dalston...? perhaps that's where the greek anarchos live i guess.

i may well end up around brick lane tomorrow (xmas shopping embarrassed ) so i might make it along for a while