Are we going back to the 1930s?

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Jul 18 2018 09:50
Are we going back to the 1930s?

Communist Workers' Organisation Public Meeting
Newcastle upon Tyne

Trade wars, torn up treaties supposed to prevent more weapons of mass destruction, an endless series of local wars which now directly involve the great powers, the rise of nationalism everywhere: all underpinned by a global economic crisis and stagnation which have echoes of the past. Back in the Thirties such developments led to the Armageddon of the Second World War. Are we en route for World War Three? To discuss these, and other questions facing the working class today, join us on

Tuesday July 24 2018

at 7.00 p.m. in

Bar Loco,
22 Leazes Park Road,
Newcastle upon Tyne

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Jul 20 2018 08:56

There do seem to be many parallels. One thing that's missing, though, is a strong workers movement. sad