Bristol Anarchist Bookfair 2008 - booking stalls/workshops

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Bristol Anarchist Bookfair 2008 - booking stalls/workshops

Bristol Anarchist Bookfair Goes Live

Get involved – stalls, meetings, ideas

The recently formed Bristol Anarchist Bookfair Collective is delighted to announce the date and location for 2008:
St Werburghs Centre, Horley Rd, Bristol BS2 9TJ
Saturday 13 September, from 10am to 5pm

All welcome – free entry

We hope that this year’s bookfair will be the first of an annual event, as there has been a 15 year gap in Bristol!

An Anarchist Bookfair is a day of anarchist books, ideas, pamphlets, discussions, merchandise, networking, free info, games, tools, history, planning, speakers, resistance, and an all day vegan café.

It is our intention that the Bookfair will be:
- A perfect introduction to anarchist ideas & practice for those seeking an alternative to the chaos & greed of capital, the boredom of party politics, the abject failure of centrally controlled state communism, and the unsustainability of present energy consumption.
- An excellent opportunity for anarchists old and new to recharge their batteries and reading lists, to catch up with old friends, to sharpen their ideas, and to re-energise their enthusiasm for the struggle for a free world.
- And for those who are critical, you are welcome to come along to join the discussions, to air your reservations, and to cut through the myths of anarchism to the reality.

Stalls & workshops:
We are now inviting requests for stalls and meetings/workshops from national & local anarchist groups, distros, publishers, and other related campaigns. Space will be limited for both stalls & meetings so apply now! The Bookfair Collective has adopted the following criteria for stalls & meetings:
“The Bristol anarchist bookfair collective welcomes applications from groups and individuals to run stalls and hold meetings at the bookfair. Whilst priority will be given to anarchist groups and books distros, there will also be space for other not-for-profit booksellers & campaign stalls, and for meetings run by other groups/individuals that operate in a non-hierarchical way. Please contact us for an application form and for details regarding the cost of stalls (workshop spaces are free).”
Or download stalls/workshops booking form from here:

Some Bookfair posters & flyers are available now, with more to follow. Visit to see and download them.
And check out also

Questions, offers of help, donations etc can be directed to us at or we can be contacted at our bi-weekly meetings from 6.30 to 8.30pm, Thursday 26 June onwards, at 14 Robertson Rd, Bristol BS5 6JY.

Peace & Freedom!
The Bristol Anarchist Bookfair Collective