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Oct 23 2008 10:22
CBG - Communist Bulletin on the Net

After a long gestration we have now managed to put all the issues of the Communist Bulletin in pdf form on the Net. It can be found here: http://cbg.110mb.com/

The quality of some of the scans isn't great and we have had to retype a couple of pages as the only copies of those pages was so poor but we felt that the tenor of the magazine would best be served by showing it as it was, warts and all.

In our opinion many of the arguments and positions raised in the Bulletin continue to be relevant today, particularly in our understanding of the nature and regroupment of communist fractions (see the texts on the Organisation Question and on Unity and Clarity in the Russian Revolution) and on the primary importance of the consciousness of the proletariat if Capitalism is to go beyond crisis into revolutionary transformation. In fact they are more relevant today than they were then. Readers will also find our attempts to come to grips with the crippling sectarianism which characterised and characterises the communist milieu both then and now and our attempts to understand why this is so (for example see my obituary of MC).

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Oct 24 2008 08:29

Good on you, Ingram (and whoever else contributed). It's great to hear this. Much better late than never. I recommend everyone who has even a slight interest in left communism but is put off (or worse) by the ICC and IBRP to check this out. The long text on class consciousness is a must read.

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Oct 25 2008 15:00

Very Good - now when I recomend reading these texts I can reference a Web Site.

Of course I wouldn't agree with all the CBG's comments about Wildcat/Subversion but some in retrospect do carry weight with me.

Hope this will lead on now to your continued active participation in Lib Com discussions and possibly other cooperative ventures.