Climate Camp and beyond... (23.7.08@Housmans)

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Climate Camp and beyond... (23.7.08@Housmans)


Housmans – radical booksellers since 1945


‘Climate Camp and beyond…’
hosted by the Campaign against Climate Change

The Campaign against Climate Change, based upstairs from Housmans at 5 Caledonian Road, has been central in mobilising the population of Britain to stand up against the lack of action being taken by business and government in tackling this potentially catastrophic issue. This evening a range of supporters from the campaign will be talking about the forthcoming Climate Camp, and looking forward to the future.

"We need to put climate change right at the top of the political agenda — it is by far the biggest threat to humanity. We have to turn this into the primary political campaign. That means keeping on the streets, keeping up the demonstrations and putting an enormous amount of pressure on our politicians." George Monbiot, Honorary President


Event information

Wednesday 23rd July 2008 – 7pm
Housmans Bookshop
5 Caledonian Road
King's Cross
London N1 9DX
Tel: 020 7837 4473

Free entry
Drinks will be available
Nearest tube: King's Cross
"Support the shop that supports your campaigns!"