datacide nine magazine is out

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datacide nine magazine is out

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datacide nine

The magazine for noise and politics is back with its 9th edition.

44 pages packed with news and features - The news section consists mainly of up to date reports from L.A., Berlin, Brazil, Israel, Italy and more, including of course the report on the severe repression of last year’s Czeck-Tek and some label news. The first major article is Howard Slater’s LOTTA CONTINUA: ROOTS MUSIC AND THE POLITICS OF PRODUCTION which examines the roots of sound system culture in Jamaica. YOU MUST HELP YOURSELF: NEO-LIBERAL GEOGRAPHIES AND WORKER INSURGENCY IN OSAKA is a report and analysis of park occupations and proletarian revolt in Japan. Matthew Hyland’s SAY FEAR IS A MAN’S BEST FRIEND in turn is looking at concepts of risk and accident following 9/11 . Christoph Fringeli follows with a polemic against the counter-revolutionary nature of current leftism with ANTI-IMPERIALISM: BANKRUPTCY OF THE LEFT?

This section of features is followed by book reviews. Stewart Home is tracing the Eclipse and Reemergence of the Bildungsroman in recent publications. CF reviews a rare recent handbook in critical psychiatry, researches the whereabouts of Ulrike Meinhof’s brain, and reviews a history of the German Communist League.

Then we change the subject to music and reprint an interview with John Balance from COIL from 1986, giving some insights into the ideas behind mid-80’s industrial culture. Following Balance’s recent death we thought this interview might be of interest to the reader 20 years on. It is followed by an extensive (but due to the long time which passed since the last issue not necessarily systematic) record review section interspersed with a few pieces of fiction by Matt Fuller, The Wirebug and Calvi23. A smaller article is investigating the political impetus behind Muslimgauze’s music. The issue is as always rounded off with the latest on Bloor Schleppy and the charts of our favorite selectors.

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(i'm sure some of the brits here can find this somewhere in the next couple weeks)

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This is probably as good a forum as any!

Never heard of the mag... C8 is cool tho!